Picture This Going Farther

Picture this is a term I say when I want someone to imagine something. So now I’m taking things to a new level.

Combining my love of gardening, photography and painting to bring all my creative outlets into one.

Picture this bright and beautiful flowers planted by me

Now of course I’m going to take pictures of my garden to share. That’s where the photography comes in. The best place to go is the source. Posting them on social media is another way to show of my skills.

Every season is a new opportunity to change the back ground of my world. Picture this my garden as a revolving background that changes colors and textures that can accents any subject.

Walking thru my garden you will find many areas of interest like the trees I plant to bring shade to areas that support the plants that thrive in the shadows. The different levels of a garden is where I intently chose to high light different plants around my pond and patio.

There are places around the corner that call out for attention. I purposely plated things that I want to paint and draw.

DeHoff Arts

picture this- dehoff arts
picture this- dehoff arts

picture this- dehoff arts

Any of the Photos above can produce great paintings.

A whole new way to picture this is to

bring interests to these beautiful backgrounds. For the next painting or drawing I have everything because, they are all here. I love creating composition using the research find in my back yard.

Bringing animals in to the composition is natural for me because, I love them to. By bringing these elements together I am taking my art farther than just a pretty picture.

picture this- dehoff arts
artist set-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
picture this- dehoff arts

Working on these painting is what I love.

My galleries has work showing off my skills in drawing and painting. The work speaks for the love I have for all my efforts in how I live.

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