Composition Equals Balance

Composition equals the balance between positive and negative space

Composition equals great art. Come and explore the balance between the positive and negative spaces with me. A great piece of art is to create something that is appealing to the eye. Artist want you to love their work by create a piece to draw your attention into their world through their work. Their goal is to leaving you with any emotional response. You will either love it or hate it depending on how it makes you feel.

No matter what unseen chaos might be happening in the art work if the balance is present you will feel it. The focal point or center of interest is supported by the elements of the composition. The artist treats the composition as important as all elements in his or her work

Artist create a composition with all the elements by making them equally important to balanced them in the picture frame. Between the positive and negative space is where the center of interest lives. Working on the placement of the center of interest is just as important as the subject matter. It is supported by all the elements and will draw your eye into the art piece.

 Examples of how composition equals balance                                                                       
composition equals-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Example using a word to create a composition.
composition equals-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
This is an example of using positive and negative space with a bold center of interest in a composition.

The negative space inside the picture area is just one way we draw the viewer’s attention to the main focus area (center of interest).

composition equals-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Experimenting with where you place the center of interest in your composition.

You don’t always need a solid object to be the main focal point. Here is an example of color and how it can draw your eye to the focal point. The negative space is in colors of the fish which direct your eye to the center of interest.

composition equals balance-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Adding color in a direction in your composition brings balance.

As artist we get our vision across through the composition and using color, texture and balance we take our work to the next level. All elements support the center of interest that is the key. A great composition equals a piece of art, one that comes to life. Exploring things like eye level, perspective and movement with rough drawings will help to express what we see as our vision.

Using a repetitive shape in different colors in your composition

I will use words, shape, colors and texture to enhance my vision so I can create a great composition. In this example I used one shape over and over again building layers of the colors. I use different angles of the same shape and I support the center of interest by bringing it forward with a deep color choice. Elements of positive and negative space come together creating a balanced composition.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Color, shape and composition.

I use this technique in painting the fur or feathers of the animals I paint and draw.

composition equals-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
The fur texture brings out the beauty of the animal creating more interest to the shape.

In the piece above I felt that the details in the fur of the Koala contrasted with the back ground which is filled with a bold yet colorful negative space inside the composition. As we explore the composition you see it comes alive through the perspective, color, shape and line. They all play a part in how the art takes shape with in the picture area. Each shape is filled with color, texture to supporting the overall picture. This is the artist or my point of view and I want you to see how I used my skills to bring this vision to you.

Composition equals negative and positive space with pencils.

Applying pencil stroke to create texture to the center of interest is one way to add a balance between negative and positive space.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
The position of this subject in the portrait is place to balance my negative and positive space.
The balance of space.

I explore my picture area with different eye levels to create interest. As I consider where I want to place all the elements I do so having the best composition in mind. Negative space is the can be detailed with texture or I can leave this space white. To bring interest to this drawing I am making my subject the center of interest. It is vital for a portrait to stand alone in a composition. I am using pencil to control each space with shapes of black and white which may or may not travel up and down the gray scale.

Composition equal to balance

As I work the balance between positive and negative spaces I am giving the eye a place to rest. Just like the musician will creates space between the notes of a tune. A beautiful balanced composition of shape, light and shadow I bring my art to life.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
All element working together in camouflage to create interest in this composition.

When I have more than one subject like in this painting it is the layers of shapes disguising the subjects into the painting. These frogs depend on camouflage to keep them from harm. I designed this composition to reflect the environment creating the interest. Depending on how well you look the flower is not the subject of interest, it is the frogs.

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