Aging Artist Struggles with Going on

This aging artist is struggling to go on is where I’m at today. Do I continue to keep promoting my work or do I retire? What good is creating more work if no one see it.

Why stop because of age

Retire you have earned it. I hear this a lot. What they don’t understand is this is what I always wanted to do. I know how old I am and I know that I have issues with aging, so does that mean just stop?

After years of raising my boys, keeping a happy marriage and doing shows I just don’t want to drive anyone away. Years of keeping everything a float is wearing on me. So where does that leave me? How do I keep my momentum alive when it seems like everyone and everything is against me? Am I my own enemy?

Aging artist states this has nothing to do with my creativity

I just want people to understand that I want to go on. I pray that I can do more shows and work on art as long as I live. It is not just a job it is a desire to share how I see the world. It is a form of communication.

On the fence about the avenues in which I can go on is why I struggle. Getting older is wearing on me. We want to travel, but how do I fit that in with that when I feel like I’m running out of time. Getting old is not for sissies.

Covid took a lot of my momentum away. Sickness and depression have been a struggle the last couple of years. Dealing with things I would have never thought would bring me down are still present today.

I still am creating I just wish this dark cloud would go away. I want to make up my mind without doubting if I am doing the right thing.

Aging artist working it out

I can have someone else promote my work so it can be seen. This will give me more opportunities and free up the time I need to concentrate on my physical and mental health. Working with local galleries may also be an option.

Keeping this web site going and making changes can only help promote my work. Adding prints so, customers have a more affordable option. So look or more coming for this aging artist.

Creating more has always helped me get centered so until then here is some of the work from the past few years to enjoy.

Aging Artist Struggles with Going on-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

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