Who is DeHoff Arts

DeHoff Arts is my work painting, drawing, sculpture which is full of joy, creativity and fun. I have always put 100% into everything I do. Getting to know me is to know my work. Painting and draw animals is my passion.

Every creation is an original piece of art. I work hard as an artist and enjoy every moment. Successfully creating and marketing my work is my goal and this platform is the best way to have my work seen. I am not able to do as many art shows on the road any more so this is a great option.

DeHoff Arts is filled with a life time of experience. The Pencil Gallery is filled with animals in black and white drawings, I do portraits of animals. I love the dance between light and dark and I want to show it by using pencil. 

The acrylic paintings in my Acrylic Gallery are filled with layers of color and textures to bring out the finest details of each subject. Every brush stroke creates the composition of color which works to show of my unmistakable style. Each of these original piece is a labor of love. The love for creating, love for my subject and you the viewer.

DeHoff Arts Story

From the time I could pick-up  pencil I was drawing. As I became older my goal was to become an artist. I soaked in every bit of art education I could afford. Graduated from York Academy of Arts in 1980 and started freelancing for restaurant’s doing  menus, t-shirts, poster, flyers and ads. I painted murals on ceilings and walls and countless fine art shows. I have work hang in office in York and I still do commissions. In the past donating my time teaching fundamentals in drawing at the local library. My donations of original drawings to local charities is just a small part of giving back to my community. 

Painting and drawing animals is what I do. As I create of each piece of art with love and respect of each piece using my unique style to bring out the best.  

I am DeHoff Arts

DeHoff Arts is who I am.
ARTIST                                  Debra DeHoff


Find it in the galleries

Have a favorite animal find it in my Acrylic Gallery or maybe my Pencil Gallery for those who like black and white.