Artist Shine in Many Ways Part 2

Where artist shine is getting to show their vision to as many people as possible. The time spent working on a painting or drawing would not really mean much if no one see it.

Artist shine is knowing mediums

Since studying which medium I want to us to accent my subject. Drawings can be tight or loose depending on my mood. By using pencil I know the strokes to use to accomplish the effects I want. Sculpture is a three dimensional way I see the work from all sides.

Using paints I know what color I need to blend to create the tone of the art piece. The brush stokes I use to create motion which is another place to shine.

As an artist it is the medium that I use to get the vision across. Every choice is branding me as an artist. My style has taken years to develop and is away this artist shines.

Branding yourself as an artist who shines

This may be a harder for some artist than others. It can be tough to have the spot light on yourself than on your work. I find it is a challenge for me as I get older because of the amount of time it takes to promote myself and my work.

It can be trying to keep a full schedule and find the time to do create more work. Shows can be exhausting when you have to travel from place to place.

So it is vital for you to know who you’re selling your work to. I do fine art show, enter my work in competition and hang in local business. Every place my work is seen is an opportunity to make a sail or get a client for a commission piece.

Shine thru social media

There is many opportunities on X, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Tic Tock to show off your work and your skills. These platforms are filled with choices to including video and pages to help in our branding. By using these sites you can reach people and share yourself also.

Web sites are another place where you can show your skills by using it to teach, and have a direct place for people to contact you about your work. Artist shine thru opportunities they take advantage of.

This Artist Shine

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

These Zebras shine in their natural setting.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

Just for this artist to shine.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Nothing like these two brothers to bring a smile to my face. Just had to draw them
artist-shine-in-many-ways-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
artist-shine-in-many-ways-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Color brings this piece to life by mastering the medium I have created a beautiful piece of art.

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