Animals Subject Matter that is Endless

Animals subjects are all around us. I love that so many of us choose to them in our work.

Animals subjects thru the years

There are some famous wild and domestic animals that have caught the eye of artist over the centuries and I am one of them. I love them all as do the people who care or own these beautiful creatures.

Some famous trophy animals have been celebrated in portraits, horses, dogs, cats and birds just to name a few. When searching you can find great examples on may sites.

Paintings and drawing animals can be whimsical or realistic. The best part is that the artist like me get to choose the Subject, the Medium, the Style and the Color Pallet to bring our vision alive.

Animals subjects are my favorite

Why? Glad you asked it is because their personality shines thru and by drawing or painting a pet I find something specials about them.

Capturing wild animals subjects by documenting what is special to me. It might be the texture of their fur or the folds in their skin that I am attracted to. I find they are interesting to research because I never get bored with them.

My painting and drawings

In this painting I wanted to show animals live with us and out of love of them and painting them is a gift.

Animals subjects-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Here you might be able to see just some of the animals that I have come across.

Weather it is in paint or pencil the beauty shine thru. This subject shines in pencil and as you can see the textures that surround the frog brings us to the center of interest. This is where we can pick up the pattern on the skin showing off the shape of the beautiful subject.

animals subject-animal drawings DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
The light and shadows brings the details to the shape of the animal.

The next piece my Dalmatian was hiding in the grass ready to pounce, she hides in many places. I want you to see in this piece that I took in a count her personality.

animals subjects-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Because we all love to play hide and seek.

Bring out the texture of the fur and the expression on this guy’s face was captivating. I couldn’t wait to draw him.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
I love this cat because the look on his face and his hair is thick and wavy.

My love for animals is just part of why I use them as my subjects. They are a part of my life and because I want to use my skills to represent them.

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