Black White or Color

Black white or color is a way to express your subject. Working all mediums is away to master your style or brand.

Black white or color can mean so much more

Black and white is a favorite of mine. Pencil, charcoal, and photo’s each one picks up on how I control the medium. With a pencil or charcoal I use these tools like a paint brush. By using a stumps to blend the pencil strokes I can graduate the darkness of the shapes and lines in the art.

Each pencil is designed to flow across the paper leaving strokes that are either soft or hard. The hard pencils are the lightest, leaving the softer leaving a dark range of graphite in my strokes. Depending on the style of my strokes will determine if my work is loose or tight.

Let’s talk about dark paper with white pencils this is a dramatic effect on the subject because it puts the light first and not the shadows.

Photography in black and white is capturing light in real time. We control the composition buy the way the light hits the subject we want to capture in the moment.

Color in all its glory

Color stands on its own because I have so many options to show off my subjects. Painting in acrylics, oil or working in pastels or color pencils is again show off your style. I believe the keys I set in all my art work helps to define my style or brand.

I use color to show the changes as lights dance over the shadows creating beautiful shapes to identify the subject and the surroundings. Once you master the medium you can adapt it to the style that set you apart from other artist.

black white- DeHoff Arts- all copywrite laws apply
Grazing is one of my favorite work. You can see more here in my Acrylic Gallery

My black and white art work

These pieces are gone but can be seen in my Acrylic Gallery

black white-DeHoff Arts- all copywrites apply

This is a drawing done loosely I think it show the motion of the elephants moving thru the water.

black white-DeHoff Arts- all copywrites apply
The Rhino is brought to life by the shadow showing off the deep gaze in his eye.

big cats-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
The Tiger
I use black and white to show off the distinctive marks in her fur.

Black white or color I can go wrong because I just love to create art.

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