Profile Photo Who Else Needs To Update It?

Well how often do you update your profile photo? If you’re like me not enough. I think I changed the background a few times but I really need to change the photograph. So I thought no time like the present.

Start by selecting one of your profile photo

Your profile photo should represent you in some way. Most of us will take a selfie or choose a photo that is very flattering. If my picture is going to tell you anything about me it would be that I am an artist who loves animals. My animals are used a lot as my subjects in a drawing or painting.

Now that I have picked my photo I can post it as is or I can enhance it to make it more appealing. Yet there is another way I can use my photo. It is a platform to show off my finished work, skills as an artist and add a link.

I want to get the most out of the usable space. So I decided on a photo from my gallery. I use power point, insert a shape to the tile and filling it with my photograph. Then by added a text box I can write in any call to action or information I want to or advertising. I save it as a jpeg file so I can use it to draw attention to my skill as an artist and my blog at the same time. Here is my new profile photo. What do you think?

profile photo DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Adding text to my profile photo is another way to attract people to my website.

I am going to use this for my new profile photo for my Facebook and Twitter accounts. As you look at your photographs try to pick one that tells a little bit about yourself and what you want people to know about you.

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