Crazy Art Is Full Of Fun

Crazy art is full of fun and whimsy. We love it. Especially when we see it in an unexpected place. Artist like myself who to create these pieces are unique.

As we explore the crazy art be aware of how it makes you feel. The silliness of some pieces make me laugh out loud. Whimsical artist explore the extraordinary. Illustrators like Norman Rockwell brought his ideal vision to the covers of the Saturday Evening Post, each cover he created seem to make life feel a little lighter and going to the doctor not so bad. Other artist whose crazy art changed our perspective Salvador Dali used
surrealist and Andy Warhol was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art.

Cartoonist bring their illustrations to life by adding their sense of humor. While animators draw and paint multiple frames showing them in rapid sequence to create motion in films, television and video game. Sculptors bring their own crazy art to life in the line and mass of piece they create. Crazy sculpture is found in every country and every city I have been in.

Crazy art has found its way into my life

Collectible art to knickknacks I have just enough to enhance my world. These pieces of crazy art make me smile knowing that someone actually created this just for the fun and to make me smile. Even my sons find something wacky to bring me once in a while. They know how much I love animals so it usually has something to do with them.

When I am drawing or painting an animal I want to express the personality of the animal and have fun with it. My favorite subject is the one that just bring me to laughter. Capturing them doing their favorite pass time like dragging around a favorite toy or with a silly grin on their face. You can tell by the expression on their face if they are bored, having fun or feed up.

Here is an example of my crazy art.
Crazy Art DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
I did this for a client and when I met her she could care less about anything other than her hamburger toy.
crazy art DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Nothing like these two brothers to bring a smile to my face. Just had to draw them.
animals inspire DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
This is my girl Grace and what a clown she is. The more I get to know her the funny I found her personality.

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