Emotional Art Shows Off Your Creativity

Emotional art is how the artist show emotion in their art pieces. Is of the fourth key to a great composition because it sets the tone for the piece you are creating. An artist uses all their knowledge and skills to convey their vision. I want to show the emotion either because I want to duplicate what I see or I want to leave you with an overall feeling, something that triggers an emotional response. People want to invest in art that they have a connection to. As consumers want to surround ourselves with works that make us feel some type of emotion.

I will find a piece of art that I love and then I fill the room with items that support my decision to investing in a piece or collected pieces that I love. It is a truly inspiring when we find something that connects us with the artist and their work. When I identify with the artist on an emotional level I feel and try to understand the thought process they have when the piece was created. As an artist I want the emotional connection with people who see my work and will use what I have at my disposable.

How does the medium effect emotional art

The mediums an artist chooses to works in can become a channel to express or capture an emotional experience. Art mediums like; painting, drawing, sculpture and print making are just a few of the mediums that express emotional art. Each medium has its own challenges. Being familiar with the mediums is helpful when choosing how you want to express you style and set the key.
Sometimes I find that there are medium’s that are more freeing while other medium we work with a tighter detailing style. My painting style is different than my drawing style. Each medium presents a unique challenge. I do the research on my subjects and then pick the medium I think will express the vision I want you to see, feel or touch.

emotional art DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
This drawing is an example of me being loose with the medium. This subject can either trigger fear or excitement depending on who is looking at it.

emotional art DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
When I paint a scene with my subjects as the main focal point become a part of the key. . The mood is set to be peaceful. I work knowing the subjects need more detail to show off their beauty. https://debradehoff.com/gallery/

No matter what your vision is you can find a medium to support your vision. Bring your emotional art to your viewers and watch the response. People will take time to discus why the like your work and how it makes them feel.

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