Frustrated Artist Try To Maintain A Balance

Frustrated artist try to keep working as they’re life becomes more complicated or they become older, as an artist I feel these frustrations every day. On the best days I can work from morning until night fall. I find my frustration grow as I feel out of control over my time and privacy.

Frustrated artist trying to find time

My studio is at home so when the house is busy, I can’t work. I don’t know how Looking back when my sons were young I could go into the studio and work for hours. It seemed easy to schedule around them along with maintained a balance between my responsibilities and my art. Now that things are changing in my life I find it beyond frustrating to find a few minutes let alone be creative when I get the time to paint.

It may seem as though like I’m Whining but you can’t imagine why at this time of my life. I thought I would have endless time to work in the studio. That is not what’s happening. My husband is getting ready to retire and you may think that I have all the time in the world now that the boys are grown. That depends on your perspective I guess, between keeping up with my health, my chores and elderly family members, I am exhausted.

Do all artist find themselves out of balance? I can only speak for myself. Being a practicing artist and juggling life is a daunting task. Not only is it hard to cut a chunk of time for yourself, but you may end up out of balance and creatively empty.

Getting back in balance

Starts with working through your frustration one thing at a time. Scheduling my time around others that depend on me is easy it has to be flexible. By picking three days a week that I can do things at home makes it easier to work in studio time.

It is important to get rest and eat healthy, but never under estimate having fun with family and friends.

Taking my phone with me helps in two ways, first my schedule is on it and second the camera. I take pictures of things that inspire me and record research that I can use later in my studio.

frustrated artist-  DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
My back yard is filled with creative research and it help to keep me balanced.
frustrated artist- DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Captured this beauty in my backyard and I will be painting him soon,

I will be recording my progress on these painting here.

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