Anxiety Perfection And Art

Anxiety perfection and art is either a blessing or a curse. When people ask me this question my answer is always the same. Both I know because I work with these issues every day. When I sit in front of the canvas apprehension starts with the first stroke because of my dyslexia.

Anxiety, perfection eases over time

We learn very earlier in life that something is just not right we see things differently. Depending on our family dynamic we feel judged for our differences. Things only get worse when we start school. My struggles with being shy along with feeling judged was crippling. As a creative soul I was drawing all the time and was praised for something that came naturally. Time brings out the good and bad. By the time I was out of school the struggles changed and I got a grip on the shyness.

I have always been a perfectionist my dyslexia effects my art because a simple line or shape that I see my brain interprets it transverse and takes it in the opposite direction. Then my brain sends that message to my hand to draw or paint it that way. The more I paint and draw I can identify the miss interpenetration and every time I make a correction the more my brain sends the right message. Practicing art is always learning art.

Teaching children you see yourself

As I was teaching I could tell which children have anxiety that was brought on by dyslexia and the frustration of them wanting perfection. So by teaching basic tools like how to use perspective, double checking measurement and the relationship the shapes have in the picture area. These tool help them become more confident and it shows in their work. I realize making mistakes is a part of the learning process there is no right or wrong in art. It is your perception of what you see and share that gives it your work value.

Anxiety perfection/DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

The feeling of accomplishment come at the end of a finished piece of art.

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