Flamingo Painting in Acrylic

Flamingo painting is so much fun when I painted it in acrylics. The colors and movement in the feathers just bring me joy.

This flamingo painting is a labor of love

Doing art work around raising our two boys and keeping up with our home is a labor of love.

I never clocked in, but many hours were spent on this piece. After spending a lot of time on each painting they become like one of my kids, I love them all.

Each piece expresses my love for the craft and skills it took me to get to this point.

As you look over this piece follow the brush strokes as they work together to bring my vision to this piece.

These brush strokes are light and feathery to show the movement in this art piece. Nesting flamingos use their wings to move air over the nest to control temperatures witch creates a beautiful dance of feathers.

The back ground I created was a reflection of the water and greenery around the nesting spot.

This acrylic painting is 26 x 36 on canvas with a wood frame.

Flamingo painting-acrylic gallery DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Nesting Flamingos #ACF106 Acrylic Gallery

I loved doing the Nesting Flamingo painting it so much… I did another

flamingo painting titled Flamingos. I still had more to offer. Fascinated by birds I just could not resist.

flamingo painting-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

Flamingos is 16 x 20 acrylic painting on canvas with a wooden frame. These paintings were an inspirational trip to the San Diego Zoo.

When you love animals as much as I do you want to capture their beauty not only in the colors, but the way they are watching you as you are watching them.

My love of art and appreciation of other artist and mediums can be seen when you follow me here.

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