Emotions and Art

Emotions and art is just the begging of the topic, because of how fragile the relationship is. We all bring all our emotions out when viewing or creating art.

Why Emotions and executing art is important

I believe all relationships are fragile, especially dealing with artist because of ego. I am an introvert until you get my trust. Guarding my privacy and keeping boundaries when letting others into my circle. I pour everything into my life including my art.

I know that every piece of work I is going to be easier when I am happy with my plan to execute a piece of work. With that said my mindset is important, because while I’m working my emotions and working don’t always work together.

I have started a piece of work stopped for a break after a couple hours and something may happen to change my mindset. It may be a family member or a situation that trigger a change in my mindset my emotions and mindset are no longer in harmony.

Why can’t I get back to work, I bring everything to the brush stroke or pencil stroke. Emotions and art are a dance because it can take a light airy piece and turn it dark quickly. I find it’s better to work on a new piece, one that reflex in away that works best for me. It really can be a change in how I create as well.

Reality check emotions and working is what makes us humans

Working for ourselves or others we know everyone has good and bad days. Those of us that are more guarded will shut down quick.

Think of it like children, if in a secure place you are more willing to thrive and be more open to everything. If you’re coming from an unsecure place you are not sure how to respond because nothing is certain, you live in a state of fear waiting on other to act.

I work for myself and I deal with balancing my families emotions and mine on a daily bases.

Emotions and art is not only where your mind set is.

It is also how you feel when you see art. What emotions and memories does this stir up from your past? All art forms mark you feel something, good or bad. It’s the ones that speak to you that you want to be around.

The style of art is also important because I am drawn to different artist, musician, singer, actors and architects because of the way the present. I love to play my favorite artist when I work in the studio. It helps keep my focus on this part of my life.

When of track I will use mu creativity in other areas of my life. Gardening, cooking and teaching are personal favorites here.

Work I have done in great emotional state of mind

Emotions and art- DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Captured joy in the moment with one, not a tortured artist at all.

emotions and art- Debra DeHoff-all copy writes apply

A gift of love for my son and his wife this is my grand dog Storm she is a bundle of joy.

emotions and art- DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Dogs make me so happy

If you want to see more check out my pencils and acrylics in the galleries’.

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