Create Structure with Brush Strokes

Create structure using brush strokes because they work together to form the skeleton of my underpainting. Working in stages is executing the composition of my vision.

Create Structure with light and shadow

As I work out my vision for a painting I have to consider the composition. It shows me where I want the light and shadows to support the center of interest. I can set the tone buy using brush stroke to enhance the color scheme and create depth and motion.

Every painting has a center of interest and my brush strokes help to create structure to support what and where your eye follows.

Wide areas of color can be flat or textured to either gently guide your eyes towards where I want you to see. By using large flat brush stroke I can form the areas that form the under painting by defining the light and shadows in the format.

Color is great to creating structure

As I build on the colors I am also building the tone of my piece. The Hue the color our eyes see like red, blue or yellow. Value is the light or darkness and the Intensity is the brightness or dullness. I set the tone by the colors I choose.

Looking at my subject matter is when I decide the color hues I choose and whether I want it to be bright piece or a dull and the intensity. By building up the brush strokes and blending colors I can create structure to the body of the painting.

Create structure with colorful texture in every brush stroke I use is to form a shape or motion. Building shadows by using cooler hues to accent where the lighter hues form area of light to creating a form and I can also do the same in warmer color. I can subdue the hues to create a more melancholy effect. To create is a brighter piece I just need to pick brighter hues with more intensity.

Creating animals with my brush stroke

I picked a few sections of my paintings to show the brush strokes of color.

create structure-DeHoff Arts- all copy writes apply

Leopard with a smooth coat has wider brush strokes.

create structure-DeHoff Arts- all copy writes apply

Feathers can show movement with brush stroke.

create structure-DeHoff Arts- all copy writes apply

The coat of fur on this bull dog is layers and layers of fine brush stroke that go smoothly in and out of the folds.

Changing direction of your brush strokes can define your style and approach to your art.

Follow me here for more examples of brush work.

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