Artist COVID-19: Survival

Artist covid-19 is a pandemic according to the world health organization. We all have to use caution when we’re out and about because the basics in hygiene always apply. I look at things from an artist and a women’s point of view.

First of all artist love to be working on art, period.

Safety first is my gut instinct because I am also a wife and a mother. The artist side of me is struggling with my gut reaction to what is going on. This is the first time ever the world has quarantine perfectly well people to protect each other. I think it’s a mistake. I want us to protect our immune system and our mental health. We can only do that with living our lives exposing ourselves to whatever life throws our way.

Artist COVID-19: Survival guild Part 1

First of all artist love to be working on art, period so I can only give you my perspective on what I know works for me. These help me deal with it.

I am an artist that wants to work and I want to create something every day. Our shows are canceled, no one is going anywhere and my ambition is in the toilet.

There is more to do with others home when you’re not use to it. We have to carve out time to do what we love even when there are so many distractions.

My studio time is short because I care for others, so I make a point to keep a list of other’s needs and schedules. My husband is working from home. Which is a curse and a blessing because I love him here, but his office is next to my studio. Neither one of us wants to be a distraction.

I’m learning to adapt to all our needs and I use headphones if you want music and keep doors closed so the family know you’re working.

When I need a distraction I reorganizing and clean, it is always motivating.

Working outside weather permitting or making a studio space where you can use only what you need for the art your working on at the time.

Take an inventory of your website and social media. I keep in mind that adding new work is essential to my ranking on google. Adding content is always a good idea.

So now that we took care of the work side of survival and now my mental state needs some TLC.

Artist COVID-19: Survival guild Part 2 Mental health

Mental health is a work in progress and dealing with the pandemic is a terrifying experience. I am an artist that doesn’t like to be controlled. The control or regulations they have put on use to control us makes me mentally distressed. My gut tells me this is wrong. So how do we do it?

Stress is part of life, so is taking care of loved ones and this adds to our stress. Don’t worry too much about what you cannot control. The what if’s will drive us crazy if you let it.

Know the facts and have plans in place if you or someone you know may get sick. I have a list of medications a keep them and your pantry stocked.

Isolation is not a big deal for me but it might be for you so keeping in contact with people outside your home.

Fear is paralyzing so knowing the facts

My risk and members of my family are high risk so managing the information I receive is helpful. We take the precaution. So we take a break from the watching, listening or reading the news. Avoid articles on social media and chat rooms that promote negativity. The following might help as well.

Watch your diet keep hydrated and avoid mass quantities of alcohol.

Listen to music or take a walk with or without music.

The point is we are all handling this pandemic the best way we can. So keep creating and managing the things you can control.

Create some art. Drawing of Zoe is what I’m working on now.

Artist COVID-Debra DeHoff-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

I know I am handling the pandemic pretty well so far and if you need another distraction stop by my pencil gallery or my acrylic gallery.

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