Artist Coping With the Pandemic 9 Months In

Artist coping with the stress of managing a business really didn’t need a pandemic. I know I really didn’t need it that’s for sure. I am facing that there is really nothing I can do about it.

I can’t control the outside areas in my life that a few months ago were easily managed. The pandemic has taken most of our freedoms away. The way I work, play and interact with others is forever changing.

Artist coping with some loss of creativity

Changes are just a part of my life, but in this case being locked down is crippling to my creativity.

We are unable to move about freely because we want this lock down to be over sooner than later. I love my family but being with them 24 – 7 is somewhat suffocating, so how do I do it? Not well I try to get outside as much as possible, no one should feel bad for needing space.

First I have to keep in mind that nothing last forever even 9 months in and I know this will end too. I have taken the time to reorganize my studio and most of my home. Searching for inspiration I am going over my files and photos so I can be ready to produce new work.

The fact is that when everything is locked down during this pandemic there are no shows to do. I have plenty of chores and cooking to do. Also the fear of anything effecting my health, my family or friends is paralyzing. To keep each other safe I have limited contact, so dealing with loneliness is another factor that kills my creativity. Everyone home hasn’t been our normal life style, so with little to no privacy every ones anxiety is another factor to deal with.

Artist coping by doing this

This artist coping begins with get a handle on my anxiety because out of control is not my favorite place to be. My mental health is important for my creativity so here are some things I continue to do.

Eating healthy foods and keeping hydrated so I’m feeding my body and mind what it needs to keep creative.

Meditation is key, because I need to quiet my mind and this helps me focus on the positive and not the negative.

Taking walks to get out, so I don’t feel locked up during quarantine.

Organizing my studio and my thoughts so I can maintain a schedule.

Working on art, painting, drawing and sculpture, because it helps my brain stay in a creative mode.

Keeping focus on the fact that nothing last forever and I need to be ready when we able to do shows again. Meanwhile keeping up my social media and website helps with that too.

This is what I do to handle what’s going on.

artist coping-Debra DeHoff-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Work in progress time to finish this drawing.
artist coping-Debra DeHoff-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Almost finished with this painting. Hoping to finish this before October 2020

Having less time with family home sometimes I just sit and draw. I have trouble handling the stress as it is and during this pandemic I find some days it’s so much harder to be creative.

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