Social Media And The Arts

Social media is important for arts on so many levels. Artist using this platform will find any easy fit with so many choices. Take time to set up profiles and connect with groups that will benefit you and your followers.

Social media tips to steer you in the right direction

I would suggest that as you start you journey on social media you keep your user name and profiles the same on all sights and groups.

Remember it is better to focus on getting one set up before moving on to the next media site. It is better to do this once and that copy and paste to other sites keeping everything consistent. If you update one profile or profile picture you must update them all.

Your bio is where people find out all about you. Wright something that describes you and you’re business as if your promoting yourself and your brand.

Posting on your pages must be constant, so as an artist you will want to post your work with a short description that links to where your followers can find out more. Once you have your audience they will look for your new work and where you’re showing your work.

Engaging with our followers is what social media is all about. So getting an alert if someone comments or messages you is a great way to do this.

Create an online voice that merges these things while being authentic at all times.

Show your followers who you are, because you are your brand. They want to know the voice behind the work.

Be Honest and direct in your interactions with your followers. Let them know that you are there to make friends and sell your work and services.

People want to make a connection with you that is what social media is about. Make a connection with the people that have the same interest and beliefs as you and this becomes natural. All connection have the potential to become a customer or a connection to a customer.

Social Media has influential people

There are people out there that you may admire or want to connect with just because you find them fascinating. They have a Twitter, Face Book, Pinterest or Instagram. Start out by interacting with them on their feeds, pages and posts. These people influence others on what they like, use this leverage.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who interact with them every day so you must be constantly interacting with them. Making yourself relevant is the goal. Interacting in a health conversation is the key to getting anyone’s attention.

The goal is for your brand to get out there so you can get your work seen and sold. Use this as a tool and be yourself and talk to the people that can help you is key to success.

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