Animal Fur Drawing Challenges

Animal fur is so much fun to draw because of the variety. Just think of all the choices there are as many as the animals there are in this world. Each one has a personality that fits them and their fur is part of bring out the best in the subject. Drawing animal fur in your own style is the key to making your drawing stand out.

Challenges are not only representing the subject matter, because you also are dealing with eye level and the lighting. As you build the composition keep in mind the negative space is there to support the center of interest. The animal fur or hair is the center of interest because it identifies the breed or the beast.

Animal Fur Smooth, Rough, Straight or Curly

Smooth coat are like painting glass because the way it reflection the light. Unlike the rough coat which can be short or long because it absorbs the light making the shadows more important. Light brings out the texture in the animals fur.

Straight hair is like drawing ripples on a lake, it flows down over the face and body showing off the shape of the animal by catching the light. When drawing curly hair think of it like drawing waves in the ocean or a fast river or creek. As the hair turns into a curl the shadows are deepest where the hair comes together. The light brings out the top of the waves or curls.

Here Are Examples of Animal Fur
Animal fur/DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Every coat has its own challenges.
Animal fur/DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Some animals have curly and straight hair. Notice the destiny of the coats.
Animal fur/DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
The smooth coat here reflects light bring out unique features.
Animal fur/DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
From a distance the pattern on the coat is more important than the texture or the hair.
DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
This cat’s fur is thick and wavy.

Animal fur may seem challenging at first but as you work on them picking out what is special about your subject. The best part is no two people see things the same way so as your working don’t be afraid to try something new in your drawing. Drawing is something I do all the time and my style is uniquely mine brought on by years of practice.

More examples here from different artist.

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