Traveling Artist Strive On The Road

Traveling To Art Exhibits

Traveling artist like me find ways to get your work seen. This is a chance to meet people, network and find new contacts. There are art exhibits (shows) in every state across the country.

Thinking out of the box is what I do best and so I am always look for places to show my work. There are venues across the country supplying artist spaces to show and sell their work. Fine art shows at galleries and associations are usually one day opening to kick off the show. Your work hangs for a month so visitors can view and purchase art. The fee is for each piece you enter and the gallery receives 30% of the sale.

Other shows can last one to 14 days and you will set up a 10′ x 10′ booth or 2 which will come with fees. These can range from $35 up to the $1,000’s depending on the venue. I draw and paint animals so I may check on shows that feature them.  Fine art shows and festivals I have done well at also.. Everyone loves to look at art so it is a matter of doing the research. Picking venues in your niche that have a great attendance records is important. The more people who see your work the better.

Traveling artist and craft shows

Another great place is craft shows if you sell prints along with your original work which is very profitable.  The venue is filled with reasonable price treasures. Artist that mix fine art skills with crafts like hand painted items do really well.

Art competitions

There are art competitions venues as well. There is usually a fee some starting out around $25.00 and prizes ranges from recognition in your category to $1,000 plus. These venues have restrictions on work submissions, category, medium, size requirements and when your work was completed. These competition are great for artist who want their art judged by their peers. The best in show earn prize money, their work gets published, and you build credibility in your field

My advice is to show up for openings, do the interviews and when possible let people meet the face behind the art. Traveling artist do these shows to meet people who invest in fine arts.

Here is information you might find helpful

Traveling artist can check for information about competitions and shows on the internet and through the state, city or township offices. Some will direct you to parks and recreation or some other branch of local government.

Traveling artist find this is a hard way to make a living, because you are always moving on to a new venue and it can be costly. Although they can be somewhat profitable it is hard work and takes its toll. So artist are great at researcher so they will find the best venues with the most traffic to sell art.

Things to remember

Selling art on the road you’re taking your gallery with you. Don’t count on the venue to supply you with stands, tables, chairs or cover from the rain. Some venues supply electricity, others are inside and will supply what you need but that will reflex in the booth fee.

These venues do their own advertising which offer space at a price. You should start or have a mailing list of contacts so you can contact them with where you will be next. It’s always a great idea to send out a news flash to let your followers know your unveiling new work at the show.

The best part of traveling is the people you get to see and the new ones I get to meet.

traveling-artist-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
This is my booth set up for traveling to different venue.

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