The Art of Marketing Your Product

Marketing Your Art

There are many ways to market your art and we will go over the process here so you can choose which the best is for you.

First you must be ready to work. You are branding yourself in the field you work in and the products you want to sell. Branding is a term used to set you and your product a part from everyone else. I am an artist, but what kind of art do I do? Can my work be identified as uniquely mine?

There are steps that we must do to get our product (art work) out there. No one person does what you do the way you do it. So by bringing attention to yourself and your work is key. Enter as many contest you can find is one way to start. You can find them at art associations, in art magazines and fine art shows competitions. Most have a nonrefundable fees, you should be aware of.

Getting you art work out there is your number one priority.
  1. Join your local art associations. This will bring you opportunities to participate in local events and give you inside knowledge on how work is juried in a competition.
  2. Join an on line gallery there are many to choose from.
  3. Social Media is must if you plan on selling your work on line.
  4. Set up a website so you can direct people where to go.
  5. Networking is essential, people buy from people they trust.
  6. Only 10 percent of everyone that looks at your product (art) is interested in buying it.
  7. Show as much of your product as often as you can by directing people to your website.
  8. Give your customers an insight to what you do and why you do it.
  9. Be the expert at what you do and be willing to share it with others.
  10. Set a budget for advertising as you can afford it.

These steps are not new to anyone who is a success in their field. They are the same if you’re selling apples, paintings or airplanes. Understand that success doesn’t happen overnight you have been working on this. You got this! People will see you for who you are and what you want from them. They may not want what you have and yet they may know someone who does.

Keeping focused on the outcome is the key to your success. Don’t under estimate the people you are sharing yourself and your product with. Trusting in the process.

My products are acrylic and pencil.


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Debra DeHoff

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