Texture Is Important


Texture is the characteristics of the surface of an object. Every stroke of the pencil or the brush is a representation of the quality of your skills.

Pieces of art without texture are more graphic in nature. Pop art is a movement that started in the 50’s and still popular. The accents are on the positive and negative spaces. These spaces show different levels of color or the gray scale to show depth. Shape and line is the focus with an animal’s fur it is represented as a flat color with no texture. It may show accent on the weight of the line surrounding the space.

Realistic Texture

Artist that want a more realistic representation of a subject or object will work on getting the surface area just right. Working with fur, feathers, scales and bare skin are much different than working with a smooth surface. Every stroke of the brush, pen or pencil adds depth to your subject. Building a three-dimensional illusion in the picture area with interest in any key is the goal. Having a full understanding of texture and the ability to master the medium will support a strong work of art. Artist that work with realism pay extra attention to details that best represent the subject or object.

Surfaces reflex light differently a smooth surface reflex evenly and an uneven surface show the pits and valleys and how the light is captured unevenly across the surface. The value of each stroke is what creates a convincing illusion. This drawing shows us how the lines come together to for shape filled with interest.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply-texture is
Mort than just strokes on paper.

When I painting fur the color builds with every stroke, the strokes follow a pattern bring out the details.

texture is-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Texture builds with every stroke showing color and direction of the fur.
DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Texture builds with every stroke showing color and direction of the fur.

A convincing illusion brings all the elements together.

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