Studio Space For The Artist

Studio space is an area that you go to create the master piece you have inside of you. We carve out this space so that we can feed our creativity. Make our supplies readily available and organized.

Defining studio space

Pick a space that has great light so that it is bright enough to work in. Artist can know create the light they want with bulbs if the area they have to work with are not bright enough. If you are an artist that works at night check out different lighting options. I have a sky light for when I work during the day and a cloud light for working at night. My light reproduces artificial sunlight by balancing to warm and cool light. An area that is inviting you to work is a joy to be in and will aide in the creative process.

A corner near a window if you enjoy small space or a large space if you’re someone who is claustrophobic. I have a 10 foot by 10 foot space above my garage that is accessed from my second floor. This space suit my needs as a work space for now. I have just enough storage for and ample work space. The area that is most important for me is the area I have to work around two easels.

Studio space must have

Space that is comfortable to work in and meets your needs

Storage for tools, easels, desk, paints, canvas, paper products, drying racks and a work table

Water and a sink that you can clean up

Easy access and availability on site, at home or close by

Affordability is to be consider on the space you chose of sight and when renting an apartment or house

Planning out your studio is creating an area just for you to work in. It should be organized and give you easy access to every need you have as an artist. I have worked in all sizes of studio space and as my needs grew. I made the corner of my room work when I was in school and when I rented I made sure there was an area to work in before I moved in. Now the space I have is smaller than I would like but it works. Depending on the type of art you are creating you are the only one that can map out the space you will need and can afford.

The studio space we create in is as important as where we sleep and eat in. Creativity is a process that takes time and energy so segregating this area is necessary so we can focus on our work.

studio space-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Created in my studio

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