Animals Inspire My Art Work

Animals inspire me to share how I see them. I do this by share of them through my art work. Every once in a while I find a muse you know a subject that becomes intoxicating to be around. I develop a bond with my dogs well with all my animals. Grace is one of my favorite subjects to paint.

From the first day we meet her we knew she was going to be part of our family. Even as an eight week old puppy she was striking and I knew I was in love. Grace is a Dalmatian, a ghost which is mostly white with a few markings on her face. She has a black nose, her lips and blue eyes are surrounded by black markings as well. Because of her distinguishing markings it really bring out the beauty of this breed of dog.

Exceptional animals are the subject of my paintings and drawings. For me to capture them on canvas or on paper is not a job, it is a joy to create these works of art. I love the way they move, eat, sleep and live fascinates and inspires me. There are so many different feathers, fur or scales which leads to interesting patterns, textures and colors which all come to life in my work.

I show my connection with animals to show how much I love and appreciate that they are here and a part of our lives.

Animals inspire us to take action

Where you live may inspire you to rescue animals from a life of pain, poaching threats, abuse or death. It’s hard for us to understand how the animals that we have as pets in our country are a food source in other countries. Yes it does upsets me and yet, it fascinates me enough to research the reason behind it. Turns out that animals have always been looked at as a food source or cash crop. Which means that they are no different than any other plant or animal they grow to sell.  Animals inspire me to create a connection between people and animals. 

I am drawing and painting the subjects I love and hope for the best. So the next time you see a painting of an animal look for that connection that sets this animal apart. Is this your pet, a wild animal you love or a part of your family and when you feel something the connection is complete?

I love my animals, I am deeply connected to them, and one reason is they bring me so much joy. I travel to see new places and I can always find animals where ever I go. One of my favorite places is the zoo because I can see animals that I don’t see every day.

The connection I have with animals is seen in my art work.
animals inspire DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
This is my girl Grace and what a clown she is. I found her personality.

Animals inspire me just by being themselves.

animals inspire DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Grace decided to nap in my phlox

Animals inspire-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
The position of the portrait is place to balance the negative and positive space.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
You can see more painting or drawings of Grace in my galleries.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes applyAnimals inspire-
This is Grace

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