Manipulating Acrylics With Mediums

Manipulating acrylics is fun and fast, because of the way I want to control them. Picking this medium for the results is another reason I love it so much. With plenty of colors to choose from I can add different mediums to manipulate the paint.

These mediums give you control of these paints and how they relate to my canvas or boards.

Manipulating acrylics for more control

When I work with acrylics there are so many ways I can manipulate the paint by adding mediums.

Gel is a clear, in essence is a viscosity paint without pigment, so it dries clear. By adding it to your paint so you can improve transparency, depth and quality of the colors. Some of these are glossy and come in different thickness so when I want a clean smooth transparent effect I choose the amount and the weight of the gel. By adding small amounts of paint it gives me the glaze I am looking for. Note: The thicker the gel the longer the drying time and more visible the brush strokes.

Iridescent mediums create a luminous effect to the color of my paint adding metallic or pearlescent effect. Added on top adds depth to the colors underneath.

Leveling and pouring mediums adding paint to this makes poring acrylics easy creating smooth pooling or puddling. These mediums dry clear leaving a glossy finish.

Polymers I use to create a clear film adding depth to my painting or as a varnish. When adding paint it works as a thinning agent creating a lot of different effects.

Retarders sow down the drying effect I have used these to increase the way I want to blend colors on my painting. This to me is like working with oil paints I also use it to add textures to areas of a piece giving my paint more depth.

Glazing mediums give my paints a jewel like finish making incredible translucent effects.

Here are some of the effects I got by manipulating my paint

manipulating acrylics-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
The translucent effects build to increase the depth of this piece.
manipulating acrylics-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Using opaques and glazes I got the desired effects I was looking for in this piece.

Manipulating acrylics is a great way to see what works best for my painting. I use these mediums as a tool to aid in creating beautiful effects when painting the fur and skin of the animals I paint. Painting with acrylics is just another way I can bring my visions to life.

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