Creative Slump What To Do

Feeling stuck in a creative slump

Creative slump is when the brains need to shut down, because it is exhausting. Tired from stress, fatigue or emotional overload. I know sometimes I’m searching for the motivation just to get started. I can avoid the studio for days depending on the stress, fatigue or drama going on in my life.

How long I am in this creative slump depends on how many excuses I tell myself. It’s hard to admit that I don’t want to work, I have no motivation. I want to shut my brain off because I’m not sleeping well, yet I still have the desire to be creative. So I thought if I can’t paint draw, write an article for your blog. Do something! Get yourself out of this slump.

This is what I do to support my creative mind.
  • Start with a good diet, keep hydrated, get plenty of rest (that’s the hardest for me) and exercise.
  • Make a list of the things I have to do personally and professionally.
  • Keep moving we all have issues, if we stop moving we won’t move.
  • Creative doodling will turn in a drawing and lead to more creative thinking.
  • Work on your craft or something to support your craft like a blog or add pieces to your gallery.
  • Talk to other artist, because creativity loves company.
  • Chores are work and can be spaced throughout the week.

Ready to do the thing I love best, Art. Lack of motivation is just part of life so, I visit there from time to time but, I know that giving into the lack of feelings or ambition is a sign of depression. Not good so, keeping my mental and physical health is my number one priority.

When I am drawing or painting it changes my mood because it is what I love. Drawing has saved me it has always been my escape, my safe place, sanity and my way out of my slump.

Everyone feels low once in a while that mood will suck the life out of you so as you find yourself moving in that direction do something to keep you from going in to a slump.

creative slump DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Be creative!

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