Craftsmanship Standards and the Arts

Craftsmanship standards are in the hands of the artist. I think it is as important as the work it’s self because it shows I value my work. I take great care in the execution of the piece of art I’m working on and I want the finish piece to show it

Every standard I set for myself is a reflection of who I am as an artist and person. Treating my work with respect is taking pride in the crafting process.

Craftsmanship standards is a learning process

As artist we learn to control the mediums we choose to work with. It takes discipline with a dedication to do what you love. While I learn how to use paints I am also learning how I to control them to get a desired effect. I want my work to be clean, not muddy or unfinished, so practicing is important.

While I practice I experiment on how far I can push my craft. It is important especially when it is a new medium. I will use them properly so the art will last through the ages. When I set the standards on what is acceptable and I carry that standard through the whole process.

Craftsmanship does apply through the presentation and why it matters.

Art work executed without good craftsmanship are not a good investment. You really don’t know if the artist took the time to use the medium properly and if it will last. Paintings need varnished, drawings need fixed and the framing has a lot to do with the presentation. When I take hours to learn and execute a medium I want my buyers to see a well crafted piece. I take my time to make sure my mats and frames are put together with the same care.

Craftsmanship standards for mats should be clean, the cuts straight and not over cut. I cut my own but you can buy them cut if you can’t do it. Frames put together with care, free from nicks, scratches and visible glue. Pieces with glass are clean and fit the frame without moving within the frame. Most of my frames I buy because building frames not my skill set. Hanging materials need to hold the weight of the art.

Craftsmanship Standards And The Arts-acrylic gallery DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
More pieces like this art is in in my gallery.

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