Artist Drowning in Pandemic Shut Down

Artist drowning in many situations both emotionally and creatively. I of coarse am speaking for myself. This pandemic is crushing my creativity because I feel trapped, angry, confused and defeated.

Artist drowning looking for inspiration

Generally a positive outlook is easy to accomplish and yet I find myself struggling to be creative. Connecting with others is away to unwind, blow off steam and put things in perspective. Since the pandemic started one year ago I have slowly become less and less interested in anything. I feel that we are wasting our time by shutting down the country for something we have no control over.

Fear across the country is in control of us, like it or not. You are either afraid of the virus or afraid you may carry it to someone you love. The government has shut down the place where we can meet or limit the amount of people we can be around. The choices we had are now out of our control.

Artist drowning are seeking purpose

We look for inspiration when we have a reason. When I struggle there are things that usually bring me back to my creative self. Looking at the future during this time is bleak when our mental and possibly your physicals heath is in jeopardy.

So there is only one way to deal with this pandemic so you don’t become that artist that is drowning in despair. Every day look for joy in the craft you have worked on for years. The inspiration is in the accomplishments we have yet to create.

How do I do that you ask? By putting your fears aside and look towards the best outcome. Don’t beat yourself up because you are not in control. When we let our fears control us we live in a state that sucks the life out of us.

Tips to keep artist from drowning

Artist drowning survive by getting back to their creative self, because this is who we are. There is in the skills we have accomplished.

Do one creative thing a day, because even a doddle can get those creative juices flowing.

Listen to music, by creating an atmosphere with music and natural light you are setting the stage to a creative work environment.

Reorganize your studio or work space, so you reconnect with the sights and smells of your work space. This is a place of joy.

New work takes your mind in a different direction. Unfinished piece on work can be set aside, so you can start another.

This pandemic, covid-19 has left us in fear of what ifs. So what if those artist drowning look at this as your life line. You are in control of yourself and nothing else. Take action in a positive and creative direction. Sculpture, writing, paintingdrawing or singing whatever brings you joy will turn your creativity back on.

Painting and drawings that have brought me through a storm or two.

Love dogs all shapes and sizes.
artist-drowning- DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Find subjects that fascinate you.
artist-drowning- DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Be around and draw what you love.
My dog is a great subject.
 DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Captured joy in the moment with one, My girl Grace

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