Artist Set Up the Environment

Artist set up the environment in our lives. I have no doubt everything starts as a vision. Exploring our sources and executing a result.

Visionaries set up everything

We think that we are in charge of our lives, but are we? Artist can look at a space and see the best way to make it functional. Can you imagine being one of the very first visionaries?

The first person to build a shelter or start the first village was for protection. We have come a long way. Now we have so many visionaries that take their vision and make them happen. There are inventors, architects, engineers, musicians, composers and artist and chefs just naming a few.

Setting up a community takes so many skilled people, because they have so much research to do. Environments to accommodate homes, roads, water supplies, sewers with enough space for playgrounds and water runoff.

Life would be so boring without artist, designers, composer and musicians. The color our lives with what we wear, decorate our homes, prepare foods and entertain us.

The best part is being in a group of people who see it and make it happen.

Set the environment up so other can see

Artist, set up an environment to help you see and will walk you thru their vision with blue prints, drawings, paintings and now we have video also. Interior designers can create our live areas to our desires.

So like I said earlier in the article are we in charge of our lives? Yes we make choices based on our emotional response to what we see and incorporate it in to our lives. Every visionary is so glad you like what you see. They are banking on it. So unless you are the creator of these visions you are along for the ride enjoy it.

Artist set the tone in advertising

It all starts with the four keys and how they are woven together to sell a product. Commercials are short stories to tug on an emotional response to get you to buy their product. Unlike artist who create a vision of what they want to record so you see it, like it and buy it as a treasure.

Commercials advertising will also hire artist, copy writers, phycologist to manipulate you without you realizing it. Color, emotion and a great composition works wonders.

I have seen commercials and advertising that are so overloaded with manipulating under tones that it makes me laugh. The TV and movie industry also uses the same formula to see you on shows and movies. From the set layout to the colors that help to set the mood and the best writers sell the stories.

These artist set up and tell a story that we buy into and sell time a seconds of time. So they may only have a fifteen seconds to get you on board. They hammer you with the same commercials that are the same or the same subject over and over hoping to get you to bite.

My art is not to sell you on what I have created. I create for me and my vision of the subject I am working on I just do what I love. If you like It will be an honor to sell it.

artist set-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
artist set-DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

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