Repeat Content Why Artist Post So Much

Repeat content so why do I have so much when you visit my site? Well, it’s is because I think the most important part of what I do is based on a great foundation.

Basically you can throw color on a canvas and call it art if that is what your into. I want my readers to think about the process and what it takes from the beginning to the end. Unless you have a creative photographic mind. One that can reproduce exactly what you see on paper or canvas the basics must be learned and applied, because they don’t change.

As your skill improve you train your mind so it becomes natural to apply these basic rules of composition.

Repeat content is not a bad thing.

Every site I visit and scroll through I find repeats the information thru out the year. Basically unless you’re reporting the real time news or come up with something that has never been do before you’re going to repeat content.

If you watch TV or read magazines you will see the patterns that the media follows repeating the same information over and over, year after year. In fact if you could pull out newspapers, magazines or any type of TV programming for as long as I can remember. They all follow a pattern some are seasonal others follow medical ups and downs. Where others stick to the same schedule year after year. Repeat content keeps your viewers entertained showing them what they want to see. That doesn’t make it a bad thing unless you’re using it for mind control but, that’s another article for a different day.

Can repeat content be a bad thing?

Depending on the subject matter I think so. I get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Like advertising I appreciate the art behind it but, it can be somewhat annoying. Every artist knows how to get someone’s attention we start with to a great foundation. No story writes itself everything we love and appreciate is created by an artist. We are the builders, story tellers, photographers, director, actors and commercial and fine artist.

Advertising is an art form free from spam. Social media is a great platform to draw attention to you and your skills, your interest and it can be very helpful when you are adding content on a regular bases.

Skill full people repeating what they do best. If you don’t like it just walk away, stop reading it or create something better in your eyes. There are so many people in this world someone will identify with what you have to offer.

I love to produce art and I am happy that I can use this platform to show my work. Believing that the product dose have to be shown and my product is my art.

repeat content DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Here is some more repeat content

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