Pencil Drawing of Humphrey

Pencil drawing is one of my favorite things to do. I carry photos of some of the characters I meet on my phone. Humphrey is one. I love the marking on this guy and wanted to share him, so you can enjoy him also.

Pencil drawing shows us the beauty in black and white

As I am picking out my pencils to do this drawing I can see all features that makes this guy who he is. This pencil drawing is a portrait in black and white so the light and shadow is as important as his features of my subject.

Humphrey is a mix of different dog breeds. He has so much personality in his face that I just want to do him justice and I think that the pencil is the best medium to show him off.

This is Humphrey

Pencil - Drawing - of - Humphrey- DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

You can see I think he might have some terrier, beagle in him. A rescue the owner feel in love with him because of his unusual markings. I think he looks like an old soul.

His hair is full of texture like a wired hair terrier in some areas and smooth like a beagle. The short and long mix of hair on head and his ears help to highlight his beautiful eyes that are lined in black. He has very long eyelashes that give him a half sleepy appearance.

Humphrey the pencil drawing

Pencil - Drawing - of - Humphrey- DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply

This is my drawing of Humphrey in progress the way I see him. He is an old soul and I think I have captured the markings by using the pencil strokes that fill the space with all his greatness. I will be working on finishing the detail in the next few days. I really want this pencil drawing to show you that you can do great things when you have a great subject to draw.

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