How Artist Develop A Unique Style

Why develop a style of your own

Every artist want to develop their own style because they want to stand out as an artist. Style is the way you master a medium and the way you handle tools like a pencil or a brush. This is what set you apart from other artist that are using the same medium.

Will you develop a style that is loose or tight

Is your our style tight or loose? You can develop a unique style the way you want because the more you practice it the deeper it ingrains into your subconscious. What you like is unique to you and because you want to express your vision in your own way. Creating a folder of the types of artist you would like to model yourself after is a good I deal. By studying the style of these artist you see how they apply the medium they use. Remember that you are learning from these artist and not coping their work. Identifying a style you love is key. Then as you practice it, master it and take it to the next level in your work.

Developing A Unique Style

How an artist applies a pencil or paint brush is a personal choice. There is no best way to use the medium of your choice. Some artist prefer to use a pencil sharpened to a fine point. By building up tones with thousands of easy, casual pencil strikes which follows the shape of the form creating a very detailed drawing and their own style. Others paint with wide strokes or well placed shapes of color to express emotion in their work

Using soft pencils with chiseled points an artist like me can make you see what I want with just a few pencil strokes. By varying the thickness and the heaviness of the line the details come alive I create depth and a rich contrast with every stroke. Some artist use soft pencils and blend the strokes with a stump to extend the line defusing it. This style is loose and creates a soft or dream like picture with light and dark tones.

Informal Drawings

Informal drawings are loose and will leave much to the imagination. Tight or loose pictures created with a pencil, charcoal, ink or pastels are your choice. The lack of descriptive detail makes a great impact by the artist which is using a very soft medium. Artist combine strokes by varying the light and dark areas with a well-defined pattern develop a tighter piece of work.

The tools we want manipulate

Experimenting with different types of pencils or brushes are key. Combining different techniques you will develop a style of your own. Pencils are tools you can easily manipulate by turning the chisel from the flat edge to the point. Have fun with it because it gives you a verity of strokes to play with. It is the same with painting, sculpture and print making we find what we like by experimenting and how you execute the medium becomes your signature.

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