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I am an artist that works hard at my craft. This is just one place I can share my education, new work of art and what may be effecting my life. I hope your visits here will be educational and entertaining. The art in my galleries are an accumulation of original works completed by me over many years. I draw, paint and frame all the work myself.

I believe that as long as an artist is creating something they are happy and content with their lives. Every day is a new day to create something unique. My art is a reflection of my love to share the way I can manipulate these mediums to create something special. Creativity is driving force in my life and it is just one way I express myself.

Now writing about art is another way I can be creative. I know that the articles that I have written and will write are an extension of who I am. As I get better at this I will be changing my website from time to time so be sure to check for up dates and new work.

Here are the links to my galleries AcrylicsPencils where you will find works like these.

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply






I encourage you to start an artist blog and take your creativity in another direction.


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