What Is Concept Area And Why Does It Matter

So what is the concept area and how can I use it to my advantage

The concept picture area is where artist get to shine. It is the area inside the perimeter you choose to create your vision.

Think of fitting your vision in a square, rectangle, circle or triangle. On a canvas, board or paper. We were taught to make a shape with your hands by using both hands put your thumbs to opposite hand’s index finger forming a viewing area. It is like using a camera, because your looking through the view finder.

Creating an interesting concept area

As you look at this area try to decide what you want your viewer to see. By creating rough drawings you can see your vision and if it helps work with a grid because you can explore each section to see how the elements relate to each other. Object you place in this space is what is creating the composition and a center of interest. When yo work on these rough drawings you will see that the negative space is very important too because even that is a shape and needs to be consider. You want your viewer to explore your work and by adding a direction for their eye to follow brings more interest. Using line, shape, light and shadow is going to set the tone.

Things to remember when working within the concept area

A grid is useful to see how each section relates to support the focal point

Negative space is just as important as occupied space

Rough drawings are a great tool to explore different composition options

Add interest with shape, color and line

The concept area is inside the frame

Grace Verses Bubbles

DeHoff Arts- copy writes apply
Grace Verses Bubbles is an example how I filled the concept picture area with color, shape and line drawing you to her eyes and those bubbles on her nose.


The picture area is our to explore and our viewers to enjoy. See more here.





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