Nesting Flamingos Acrylic Painting

Nesting flamingos is done in acrylics it is a large painting 26 x 36 on canvas. I am so impressed by these beautiful birds. Standing tall anywhere from three to five feet tall. I love the way they move in simultaneously. There are six different species of flamingos.

Nesting flamingos are just of one of the birds that inspire me to draw and paint. As I had said before when I decide to use a certain animal as my subject. I learn as much as I can before put pencil to paper. Starting this painting I found so much useful information.

Nesting flamingo did you know

Flamingos found in the warmer parts of the world.

Living in folks that count in the thousands and in the millions during breeding season.

They have long slender legs with web feet and are often standing on only one of them. Long necks, long wings and short tails with large beaks.

Its’ long neck that can curve and twist in various position while at rest.

These birds get their color from their diet, they live in the shallows using their web feet to stir the sediment on the bottom. Using their large bills to filter out food from the water for themselves and their chicks.

A fascinating bird that are monogamous and can live up to thirty years.

Nesting on mounds of muddy clay from the bottom of the lagoon they occupy. They use their wings to maintain the temperature of the egg.

Chicks are white covered in downy feathers and leave the nest two to three days after hatching. The feathers get pinker as they molt and age.

Nesting Flamingos the painting by Debra DeHoff

nesting flamingos-DeHoff Arts-copy write laws apply
I used the photos I had taken at the San Diego Zoo for this painting

These fascinating birds are bright and I want to show the layers of feathers. By using different brushes and layers of glazes I felt that I could capture the cooling actions of the nesting birds. I chose deep hues for the background witch contrast with the materials on the ground adding to the overall composition of the art work.

You can see more of my paintings here.

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