Widgets Monetizing Your Blog

Widgets are the Bill Boards for your Auto responder and Affiliate Banners.

I could go on and on about widgets but here are some basic things you need to know. Every time you add anything to your site go view your site. You can open a new page on explorer and pull up your site. Work on them side by side. Every time you add to your widgets hit refresh on the other page. That is the easiest way to see your work in progress.

People who like your site may just opt-in for an offer or free training. These are the people who are searching for guidance and training. They may also just like your articles and will want them delivered to their email.

An opt-in form should be placed in the top widget area of your blog. You will want them to find it easily.

Think about where you want to place everything on your web site. Don’t be afraid to change things up from time to time.

With affiliates companies that have many offers around holidays etc. they may run many different campaigns. You will have to keep tract of the current banners that company has to offer. They will send you updates when they want you to promote specials. This is why you don’t want to many affiliates to keep up with on your site.

Your widget area is there to help you not hurt your efforts as a blogger.  Clutter is one sure way that someone will leave your site.

Where do You find the form:

Your auto responder will have a template from you to design by adding text, places where information is collected and all you have to do is get the code and place it on your site by adding a text box and adding the code.

Affiliates are important, But Why? You have opportunity to make money here. 90% of people that come to your site are not going to want what have, by offering them a choice you may benefit. Affiliates pay you to advertise in your widgets area of your blog, When people click and or buy something from one of your ads. You want to build a small number of affiliates to promote companies that you use every day like your auto responders, hosting site, domain sites and training sites.

All you have to do is set up them up.

Open affiliate accounts that you can recommend.

Get the links for your banners.

Add to your widgets buy adding a text box in the desired area of your blog. Different themes support widget different area. You may have one or two side widget areas and don’t forget about the bottom widget area.

Your site can be a gateway to other opportunities and products. You are not driving away your traffic you are leading them somewhere else that may benefit you both.

Widgets and blogs

Widgets are to the right, left and bottom of this blog


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