Why Twitter?

This is easy and important to get your message out on twitter is not┬álike facebook or other sites. You have freedom that comes with an unlimited supply of followers and they don’t have any restrictions of who you follow. The site has brought instant messages to you and you can keep your followers in the loop of information that you are willing to share.

If you are friendly and want to share to everyone you have a platform for that. This is a micro blogging site that gives the world a window to what you are doing now. It is a great place to start a conversation. The average twit is 20 seconds or less. Before you know it you will want to shout out to the world what you are doing in your life and your business. You can become social in just a matter of minutes just by playing with it.

When you set up your account use your name, even if you have to add a number or underscore if your name has been taken. You will want to add your email accounts to your account at Twitter. Set up your profile make sure you leave your Twitter account open to all views and make sure you set up your notifications. After you have set up your page here are some tips that will help you find friends.

Twitter Tips:

  • Uses your real name
  • Use your real face on your profile photo
  • Start post by letting people know who you are. Example: Funny stuff, quotes you like, personal information, links to you, send out resources to others.
  • Send information you and links of resources of people
  • You can delete on Twitter and it removes it from every where it is posted.

Timing is everything, and if you want to start a conversation with someone you have to do it when they are on line. Ask questions and leave a reply to something that they are doing now.

After you are comfortable with Twitter, you really must have Twitter Deck it helps you keep your Twitter account organized. If you don’t have Twitter deck you can look through your time line to see if you want to reply. Check your messages and respond to the good ones that interest you. Use the stars to book mark your favorites. Find people to follow that are interested in the same things that you are or have something you want to know more about.

Take time to check out some of the people that are following people you are interested in chances are you will have a lot in common. Take time to follow people that are active and want to follow you. If you want to get your message out to others follow the people with the same interest. Joining in the conversation wait until you are comfortable, before you follow them and they will follow you back.

Take your time and do it right so that you are developing relationships that last. Having value is easy there are followers for everyone it is human nature. Twitter is a tool to connect you with your friends and the world. People will follow you if talk about things your into and your passion. People want to learn from you, you can send them to people that they can learn from. If you are entertaining, people get a kick out of you they will follow you. The more involved you are in them the more they will see value in you. Use retweets to give the gift of value to your followers. Remember to thank those who retweet your tweets. Then there are people that will follow you because they like you.

People will stop following you as easy as they will follow you if you are all ways negative, not supportive, you don’t follow them back. You don’t have value in your tweets. You have an in your face approach to tweeting. You are not active with your tweets.

Use Twitter as a tool to let people know that you are here and want to be a part of what’s happening now, and that you want to be friends. People are more than willing to give you a hand up from depression, boredom and connect you with others that have the value you may want.

Rules to follow be kind, give love and support, be remarkable, be informative to your followers, what go out will come back tenfold, be yourself, be honest and have fun it’s a party of people that want to be there. Micro blogging is what it is all about.

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