What Motivates You to Buy

You enter a market with a list of what you need to buy. So why do you come home with things that are not on your list. I never have flowers on my list and I bring them home once in a while feeling great about it. Why? Purchase motivated by emotions. When you realizes that everyone else is doing the same thing you will understand that we buy because of the way it makes us feel.

The smell, the colors, the music and the layout of the stores designed to prompt a safe environment filled with triggers that make you feel great about what you are and have purchased. This is why we have our favorite stores and markets. Because you can buy food at any grocery store and stores like Sears has all the basics for everything else, or it use to.

Advertizing is always centered on emotions, why you ask? Humans seek pleasure. We are on a mission for comfort and to avoid pain at all cost. When we are in pain our focus is to get out of it.

If you ask the overweight person if they are happy they would probably say yes, but I would like to lose weight. They are in pain because of their weight not because of how they got over weight. These people are experience the pain of acceptance. They have just communicated a need, and the world has heard it and responded with a 34.7 billion dollars spent on weight loss according to the Federal Trade Commission. This tells us that people want acceptance and comfort over all else no matter what the cost. Pain is the biggest motivator of all because problems increase pain and cut pleasure. Find a solution to decrease pain and increase pleasure is your goal.

Your mind takes over when exposed to pain or you are in danger of being in pain. When you are driving in a storm you are at a height of awareness noticing the rain, the roads covered in water, other cars, trucks, trees that might have fallen and the lighting these are triggers that bring on fear. Your heart rate goes up and you don’t relax until you are off the road home safe. Your brain has brought you through and your body is safe once again. You feel safe and that brings pleasure.

Knowing your job could disappear also causes pain. Knowing your boss is a jerk that is the causes of your pain. Knowing without a job you cannot pay bills, buy groceries or take care of your family cause’s pain. Therefore you keep your job because it is the lesser pain. Most people, who want to work from home are on a mission to cut the pain caused by their job or time away from family and friends. The ability to work from home and make money increases pleasure.

Now that you know what motivates us, you can help people find the steps to change their pain to pleasure. The opportunity and the products that you represent are the solution to their problems. Does your advertising solve the problems? Does it increase pleasure? Does it decrease pain? The foundation for any business is to solve problems. You may know the solution to that burning question. How can I make extra money? So design your advertising campaign around simply showing them how to do that very thing.

You are the solution, you bring them the opportunity to change their problems. Now remember that as humans we what it now and the ads that we write are short and directed to the problem you are solving. It should touch on the pleasure that brings us to want to buy. The words you choose for your ads and videos you use are powerful, with sound and a visual product demonstrating the solution. Expressing how you communicate pleasure is the goal of all advertising and of business.

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