The Big Picture

What is the big picture? The big picture is when you realize that you have so much value to offer the people around you and the world. The big picture is also what drives you? What brings you here to this site? Is it the hope that you have found something priceless (to give you more value than you will find else where)  and not the same old story that you heard over and over.

So here’s the deal: I will share with you my rise to success and I will see you at the top. We all have hurdles to get over. With questions to ask and things to learn. What value can I offer…a question we all have.

I can give you the same thing or I can give you more it really depends on your definition of value. It will also determine where you are in your ability to market. I have the training to launch your business to a new level. We have heard so many sale pitches. If your like me, most sound a like, just more of the same. So here is my question.

 If someone gave you $1 million what would you do with it? What about $2 million?

Before you answer that question take a good look at the big picture here.

When you get the big picture everything becomes clear. It is actually where your value lies as a person and what you intend to do with it. With that said, you need to find your strengths and put them to good use. You need to know your weaknesses, Start taking better look at yourself you will see why this is the perfect opportunity to find if this is truly your hearts desire.  

What skills do you have to back up your decisions on what to do with your millions?

Let’s focus on the strengths that you have. Are you an optimist? Are you friendly? Do you want to improve your life? How about educating yourself? What about others?

  • Optimism is seeing the glass half full, looking on the bright side, positive thinking.
  • Friendly, greeting people with the hello, hi or how are you?
  • Outgoing, ready to take the world.
  • Great Organization skills.
  •  Willing to learn.
  • Discipline

 I am going to live my dream with my millions.

Okay so get started on living your dream. I did say living, it is education, training and action that will show you the way. I believe the one thing that separating us from the animals is that we can take the thought process and turn it into action, we are not driven only by instinct. You are enough, you always have been. Any of the skills above will guide you into making the right decision when it come to money. I am one person that believes you pay it forward whether it is money or knowledge. The joy that comes from loving life and sharing it with others is what brings value to my life.

Money will not last so what value will you achieve by having millions? I know that no amount of money could replace or buy the life I have. It is priceless (not replaceable at any cost). Get ready it’s going to be a bumpy ride my friends. Along with this adventure I will be creating fine pieces of art, taking care of my family, and running my businesses with all the ups and downs that my lifestyle is about. Never boring as I have been juggling for years and love every minute.

The big picture here is mine this is my blog with all that I have to offer, so I want you to know that you are welcome here!

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