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Do You Need A Work at Home Makeover?

Work at home is not as easy as you would think. When you get up do you reach for a cup of coffee before your eyes are even open? How you start your day will decide how productive you are. I wake up every day with my Grace alarm. That’s my Dalmatian she barks at the same time every day. She wants to go out. Before I get up to take care of her I take a minute to get centered. I have a routine that will get me ready for my work day.

I know everyone has a morning routine and if it works for you don’t mess with it. Here are just a few things that are a must for me. Stretching is one way to get the blood moving to wake up your brain and I do it through out my day. Showering I want to wash of the night and the day before so you can feel fresh to start each day. Getting dressed, I put myself in a different mind-set then if I crawled out of bed and went straight to the computer. It set the stag for my work day. Whether you shower the night before or the next morning it’s your business you need to get dressed. A well put together person shows that they are ready for the work day. I’m not talking about a three-piece suit. Just get out of your bath robe into comfortable clothing.

Drink your coffee or tea while you are going over your list and I eat breakfast to fuel my body. I want my brain to keep it functioning at its best. Doing some form of exercise is good for your mind and your body, if you work out that’s great. I take my dogs for walk every day. I feel better and so will you when you prepare yourself for your day.

Schedule yourself in the time you have is something you need to do if you work from home. Setting a time and a limit on everything I do so I don’t get distracted especially on the computer. Face book and twitter will lead me astray and I don’t want spend my day in social media. I have to schedule a time when I won’t be interrupted to make and return phone calls. Your schedule changes daily when you work from home especially if you have children. You need to plan so that you get as much done in the time you set a side for your business. I even put a time in to eat lunch and take breaks. Our brain needs fuel, water and rest that is why it is important. This is why I schedule them into my day.

I don’t suggest you change a thing if what you’re doing is working, you don’t want to mess it up. I found that if I don’t put something off that is on my list it build my momentum and it is easier to for me to get things done. Don’t ignore how important it is to stay focus. Distraction can defeat the best laid out plan.

As a mother I will not compromise the time I spend with the family. I take one morning and prep foods that I will need to make healthy meals for the week. I do laundry while I work and add one hour of house work to my workout schedule. It is a challenge to keep from feeling over whelmed some days, but without a plan I would just flounder through out my day not getting anything done.The key to working from home is to set a routine that works for you. Make a plan and be ready to follow through with your commitments. You will find that as you set it up that some things work better than others. You can change it, you’re the boss.

Taking care of you is the very first thing to schedule. We are willing to makeover our appearance to feel better about our self. How you work from home does matter. Do you need a work at home make over to feel good about your home business. You are more productive when you feel good, which builds momentum and before you know it there is a shift in your attitude. Working from home is a choice and getting into a productive mind-set starts with you.You have important obligations and building a business takes time and energy. Look at your routine and adjust it to support you and your business.

How to build Maximum Leverage in A Marketing Business

So how do I use leverage in my marketing business? What are the steps I need to know? These are questions that every business has whether your marketing business is on-line or in your neighborhood. People are people and they want something for the effort they put in to a business. When the steps are easy to follow they become second nature. Leverage happens when you learn a few simple steps and train others to do the same. You are training a marketing team with the same goals.

Everyone will benefit from a marketing team. You are looking for people who want the same goal as you and are willing to invest themselves in a team of people that are working towards the same goal. They can see how simple things can be coped and are excited to get started.

Build Maximum Leverage

  • Set a common goal, people will to work towards a positive outcome.
  • The more people you involved in the process the better your chances are to succeed.
  • People who are financial evolved have more to gain as the business succeeds.
  • Have a formula and training program that is easy to follow.
  • Keep things simple.

Leverage is the ability to get people together to work for a common goal. When several people work together towards a common goal, it becomes easier than with one person. Just think how your business would benefit from having two of you, twice the effort would mean you can get thing accomplished quicker. What would happen if you had a five of you working instead of two? If the tasks a hand took ten hours five of you would only work for two hours!

The more people you recruit and train to do what you do the less you and your team work to maximize your efforts. Sounds easy and it will be if you keep it simple. Have a step by step process for all your recruits to follow. A basic script that is easy to follow and will get results fast. You will gain the trust of your team if your focus is on everyone succeeding in the outcome.

Companies now are making it easier for you to leverage the training, auto responders and list builders. They want you to succeed. Remember that marketing relationships thrive only when both sides are gaining value. Working towards a common goal is the basis for developing a team. Now think of how everyone benefits when that team is duplicated again and again. Five team members creating five teams will maximize the amount of people who will profit for a minimum of effort changing their lives and the lives of their family.

Once you get the formula down you can create as many teams and transform as many lives as you would like. Growing and sharing is part of the leverage that drives people to give more value to the team. Momentum builds in the teams as they work towards the same goal. Your team is set up goals for their own teams and so on.

You are building a work force of independent business owners that know how to work the system. Now your team will have with the confidence to take charge of their own team of people, you are helping people become independent by giving them the means and the tools to change the outcome of their lives. These people are putting their trust in you and what you have is an easy to follow system in a company that everyone can copy and succeed.

Start Your Business on the Net

What you decide to market, will decide what you are all about. Pick a product or service to market. I have some that may interest you; the value is in the product and the training that the company has to offer. The timing is always right to join a million dollar company that gives you the tools you need at little or no cost to start a business.
The amount it cost you in dollars is minimal to your pocket, but the time it takes to start earning is up to you. Companies that are making millions using small business to promoting, selling and recruit are going to supply you with all the tools you need to succeed. There are many ways and many products to choose from. The better you are at representing the company, the more money you will make and the more valuable you become to your business. You can start without a product if you have built a brand of your own. Your brand is the value your business brings to others and gives them a reason to share it with others. Now are you willing to move forward?
Great, I have worked for years with these companies. I feel that they hold my interest and do business in an ethical way. They have training in place that support the top ways you can learn, earn and start your Internet business on the right track.
Here are some companies that have what it takes to get you started a niche you might be interested in. They are not out for just themselves they know the value of the people who help them bring their product and services to the world and are willing to pay you highly for the brand and the people that qualify.

These I recommend:

  • The Qivana Company is new multimillion dollar company it is in the business of sharing products that support your health and wealth. They have developed great products with great training in place. A team of high earners leading you to success. Qivana is ready to show you how their product can change the way we look at the product we put in our bodies and just as important the production and the science behind what they offer. Qivana is a company that uses science and is on the cutting edge of healthier choices to keep you in good health.
  •  Free Life also a company that has great organic product with scientific research to back up the Goji Berry and how it can improve your health and well being. Free Life has a training program that is easy to follow and has stood the test of time. They dedicate the company and products to change lives for the better. Their superior training and support maybe just what you are looking for.
  • Essant’e World Wide is another company that has organic products and experts that decide it was time to make a better line of products and offer them up to the world. This is one company that is also on the cutting edge of science and healthy preventive care. The training is as great as the products and with a support team to help you along the way you will find a great opportunity here.

Okay that covers Consultants, Reps and Independent Business Owners, in the niches that I am interested in. I hope this helps you in some way and if these are companies you like I will help you get started and if not, you have to finding companies and products that you are interested in. These companies work hand in hand with you to represent the products, the company and they make a point of supporting and practicing being green. This is important to me and it may be important to you as well. If what you put in your body helps you feel better, you will want to tell everyone, so they can feel better too. You can maintain your health, go green and share this to create your business.

These companies all have the great systems in place they give you the tools you need including a website, support, webinar and great products. You do have to put a small amount up in the beginning and there is a site fee or product order to full fill. These are very small amounts to pay for great products that support our health and wealth not to mention the free training and excellent support.
Building a business on the Internet is easy when you have the tools, but most important thing is that you are going to have to work hard at it every day just like you would open doors to a business at the mall. The difference is the world is your mall and you are in control of how well you do and what business choices you make will show everyone who you are and that you are here to say!

The Marketing Truth

Most people you meet do not want to hear you’re in marketing and you’re in business for yourself. Your friends and family probably won’t understand 90% of the population works a job. They make money just fine and are willing to work at a job for forty years, at a company not knowing how their job security will change at the first sign of financial problems. Vacations scheduled for when it is convenient for the company and their sick days limited. While it may take some time and effort to build your business and you will making your own schedule with the funds to do everything you imagined.

A promise of retirement funds keeps them on a string like a puppet not knowing if they will have enough retirement. They see other retiring with funds that don’t match inflation. Medical problems can drain your bank account so fast. A diagnose can reach the most medical coverage that is not included in their retirement package you had picked 40 years before. The great thing about Network Marketing is building residual income, which becomes retirement income. If this is working for you, you are content to do what 90% of the world. Marketing is not for you and that’s okay, this is not a job this is a life style.

Family and friends are not supportive; they don’t understand that you did not fall prey to a scam. You have made a choice to follow a dream to have control over your destiny. Provide a life style for you and your family that is not bound by limits. You thrive on the endless opportunity you have for grow and are willing to share your knowledge with others that have the same goals.

The truth is that 90% of the people you talk to are not going to want what you have to offer and probably never will. Have comfort in knowing that the internet market is like throwing out a net in a galaxy of stars, you want to catch the ones that are going to shine for a long time. Bright enough to shine on everyone they touch, passing knowledge to everyone the meet.

The people who want what you are building are sick of the way things are going, not knowing if they have a job from one day to the next. They are living pay check to pay check and crippled with worry about how they will plan for the future with the way things are today. Then there are those people who look at this as the best opportunity to bring changes for the way they have always seen themselves living and helping others do the same.

You can live with fear everyday and do nothing or you can take that time and put it to work to change your life. This business is not for you if you don’t want to change and grow, if you don’t want to develop skills that will improve your life and the lives of everyone you meet. Not easy yet noting that last a long time is, the marketing truth is that 90% won’t want your business and that’s okay because the people you attract are those that are going to shine like a rare gem or a bright star. Those of us that are in this business take the training and improve our lives and the way they see the world.

Residual Income Is Worth The Time It Takes Building A Business

Residual income is in your grasp so let paint a picture of how this matters to you. The income you no longer have to work to create. Rock bands, singers and movie stars earn a residual income. The money that they make off the efforts they put in developing a career results in the income that they will make off of movies and CD’s as long as they are selling them. A residual passive income creates retirement income. The best part is you will only have to cash the checks.

The time you spend building your business is equal to the amount of residual income you want for you and your family. So, put a lot of time in now and the money will flow in to your family’s wealth month after month for years and years. The money you invest to start an internet business is nothing compared to opening a restaurant or any other business in your city or town. It doesn’t matter what business you plan on starting they will all have their own set of challenges. Pick a way that will get you to your goals and do it.

You must have access to a great opportunity, a computer and a phone. Now that your business is running you really don’t have to put any more money into it, just your time. Think of it like you were the star of a movie and now you have to make appearances’ on talk shows to advertise. Now the movie is 10 years old and every DVD that sells, you make money; every time your movie plays on TV you make money. You are now the star of your company it is on auto pilot and you are making passive income.

If you were the owner of a business that is in a building you will have the cost of maintaining the business in the city you are in that includes inventory. If there is a fire or if the economy is bad you lose everything and then decide on whether to rebuild or not. You will not experience the risk or have the overhead of a tradition business. The advantage of building a network marketing business is that you train people to build their business, and when they build their business, you make more money. You also encourage them to train their teams, when their teams build everyone makes even more money. As you build and train your team, you will reach the income level you desire. When your team is trained to build, the growth will keep occurring and all you will need to do is make sales when you want but mostly your job will be just to keep encouraging your team.

Searching for ways to achieve your dream can wear you out; seal your spirit and making you feel defeated. Then along the way someone will put their hand out to help you stand up showing you a different way. This is when you find a way to make your dream a reality.

Recruiting With Comfort

Recruiting with comfort grows as your business style develops.  As your confidence grows and you find it easier and easier to do what this business requires recruiting people to start their own business. Showing them how you got started and where to find the training systems that brought you success. You are now a person that gives away value and the reason is you are helping people change the way they market their business. Multi-level fields of marketing is slowly unfolding before their eyes and the possibilities are endless.

Most of us understand that the work involved is addictive and the time goes by fast when you are getting the right Tools. The one thing that never stops, it is the one constant of this business, you have to recruit, recruit, recruit. The more you educate yourself on the market place the better your chances of finding your way around it.

You should learn something new everyday and act on it, the opportunities that are in front of you may come and go. Finding out what works for you, what doesn’t work for you and how much time you want to take learning what you will need to take your marketing to the next level.

How does the saying go? He helps those who help themselves. Well I have the opportunities and the training but I can not make you go out and do what you need to do and that is recruit. This is the one skill that everyone has to do to succeed. A great artist will work hours and hours at developing his or her style and it shows in beauty of each piece of art they create and if he doesn’t recruit people to see his work he will go unnoticed.

Practice, practice, practice is the only way to get it. You really have to share value by showing. One of my mentors and trainers Terry said this, if I were teaching you how to ride a bike I would do everything in my power not to let you fall and that means holding on to the handle bars and not letting go until you say let me go.

I know that my recommendations have a superior training and support system in place. They are teaching me different aspects of the marketing business and are helping me develop my style and they offer great compensation plans. These are the ones that work for me, each one is something I have brought value into my life. You should find people that want to work with you. Get comfortable with recruiting so you can show others how to do the same. Watch the people you help create their own style and become the teachers.

Embrace the Marketing Community

Today is just another day of marketing, learning new ways to turn your leads into a relationship that will benefit both parties. I believe that I can help one person a day just by writing this blog and supporting them in some way.

The marketing community will back it up with the best support for online marketers. When you plug into any of the marketing communities with or without a membership, there are people to support you with expert training and support from marketers of all ages and in all stages of marketing. The people you connect with are having or had the same experiences as you are having now in marketing. They love to help you grow, take pride in the way they share and are more willing to point you in the right direction.

Some of us start sell products that enhance your health and well-being and as we grow in our experience we want to pay it forward. This confirms that the training we complete is worth its weight in gold. Paying it forward not only enriches your income, it all so enriches your soul. Training is great and the community backs it up with sharing their experiences on web sites and pages they create on social site like twitter and face book.

Marketers that have integrity will introduce you to education supportive companies with a marketing platform that bring income opportunity. Education with the steps that will lead you to success. We share secrets of the trade and direct you how to use them. Back it up with web-inars, three-way calls, seminars, conventions and when needed one on one training.

Marketing is introducing people to the opportunity to train with companies that have trainers that making 6 to 7 figures and are willing to train you how to do it. We take pride in our education and teaching it to you. As you plug-in to the training the world of marketing unfolds in front of you, most of the training that I am doing you earn as you learn so it pays for its self every month. This is why we are so passionate about what we do and how we can make the claims of success.

Some of us start at the bottom leveling only one way to go, up. Busy learning as we market, learning a wealth of knowledge. We are so excited about how far we have come that we can’t wait to promote the people and the products they introduced us to. Embrace the marketing community; go forward with your team building relationships, wealth and success.

MLM what do you get out of it

I’m not in it just for the money, that is what so many of us will tell you. We are people who believe in giving back power to the people who are willing go the extra mile. Believing in our ability to grow and carry out whatever we put our minds to.To use education as the means to make endless possibilities.People with A vision and making it happen. We manage ourselves in ways most people don’t understand.

They say we have fallen into the trap of internet marketing. They wait for us to fail at every turn and when we don’t they say it’s only a matter of time. Marketers work hard at educating ourselves everyday. Managing our lives in time getting the most out of each day. We are more optimistic than most people and more willing to support each other in business. We have a shot at something greater than just another job. Deciding to take charge of life by trying new and exciting opportunities and taking on the responsibility to turn a vision into a reality.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want control of my destiny?
  • Do I enjoy learning?
  • What type of people do I associated with?
  • Is what I am doing right know giving me a sense of accomplishment?

What do I get out of mlm?

Freedom to control my:

  • Destiny, to have free will by making choices not leaving it up to someone else’s decisions.
  • Education, I am always growing putting my education to work for me. Forever learning new information gaining value.
  • Connecting like-minded positive people all willing to pay it forward.
  • Accomplishment – knowing in your heart how effective you are by  living up to your potential. Establishing yourself as a valuable part of the world.

Opportunity is not just a business deal it’s all so a life style change!     Since I started I have found a home in this community of like-minded people. Everyday I wake ready to start my day knowing that I am in control of my future and if I need help it is just a click or phone call away. This is my life and I am so glad that I have found the people who are more than willing to help me succeed in every way. I love that I can put my training to work easily and see the out come instantly. What can you get out of mlm that is up to you are you ready to take control…

Marketing With Professionals On The Internet

Now  is the time to take your knowledge of the company and their product that you represent to the next level. It is essential in internet marketing to get started making money right away.

You have done your work and now is the time to start making it big. Most of us are struggling to make ends meet as we build our business. The learn curve that you have to pay for is different for all of us. Some of us get it the first time and others will go back and forth until they get it down. That is exactly what you should be doing so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Learning each step as if it is the tool that will give you the most value for your buck.

I read blogs and watch training videos everyday and putting just a few hours of my time and the results are priceless. That got me thinking why not share this value with you. I know how the free content from these masters has helped me and you can find that on their sites. The stuff I want to share with you  is on the webinars and training.

My Lead System Pro, these guys are the rock stars of MLM and this is why:

I found these guys on the internet by searching for internet marketing help. I am with a company that promises great wealth. They do have great products and I use them myself. The one thing was that I was not comfortable with the marketing plan so I did nothing. They paid for the site, what did I care, maybe it would magically get found and I would start making money. As my son would say “FAIL”. I was not doing anything, I didn’t know how you could go from point a to point b, let alone get to x, y or z.

That is when I got another opportunity and I was not going to let this one pass me by. I thought that My Lead System Pros was to good to be true, they could teach me step by step. I plunged in with eyes wide open and both feet.

The one of the first thing they taught me was the more you know about marketing the more you will want to learn .You can make money while you are getting started in your online business.

 There are somethings you should know to get started:

Step 1.)You want to create and own your own domain name, low cost of domain names, how to get your domain name, where to host your domain, and how it is part of your identity on the internet and where you will make your money.The website for the company is own by the company and they can pull it at any time.

This is important because no one can take it away and the leads you generate are yours, you own them.

Step 2.) Setting up you profile in the system or they can even show you how to out source this if you so desire.

This is important so you can start making money as soon as possible.

Step3.) Setting up your income stream with affiliate programs. You can also join the affiliate program at My Lead System Pro

This is where your income is generated while you are learning.You have to have these in place so you can start your marketing campaigns.

Step 4.) Setting up an autoresponder and integrate it into your system. They also have an auto responder that is free if you chose to use it.

This is essential to your campaigns and will help you keep track of your leads and where they come from.

Step 5.) Setting up campaigns, modifying and customizing your campaigns.

My Lead System Pro will take you through these steps with videos that will get you on your way faster then you can imagine.

I know how it is when you are just getting started and believe me I felt like a fish out of water. These guys Norbert, Brain, and Matt have help so many marketers get started and succeed. Everyone of the people who have become a success are constantly giving back through My lead System Pro. The back office has an endless supply of video training and recorded webinars.

You can move at your own pace which is more important then you can imagine. There is a lot of material to consume so take your time. Conquering the internet is the place to start, this is where they reveal secrets of the top earners and will get you well on your way to making the income you desire from your own home. Next you will want to test drive this site and if you don’t find that it is everything I said it is just cancel and find something that works for you.

There is many training you can find on the internet and the programs are good but if you want to learn from the best this is a no brainier the system is easy to use and the videos are there so you can refer back to them as many times as you need. So if you are new to marketing on the internet you will want training that will blow others away check into this, no just start it. If it does not work for you then you have failed the system it has not failed you. It is easy and adding more material on a regular bases. This is important because the systems are changing all the time and technology is getting more advanced everyday. You will want to keep up with the changes to get the most out of the internet business that you are building.

Rating this training site is easier then I thought it would be, I rarely find that things are as great as they say they are. I recommend this to any person who is starting out in marketing. Norbert, Brian, Matt are just a few of the leaders that make getting started easy by showing you the steps to be a success in your online business.

Debra DeHoff (thats me) is a student of My Lead System Pro and Mike Dillard and is developing a unique marketing style thanks to the her mentors.

It is time to make money now not next year or next month now is the time. You can earn as you learn and this is just one of the secrets that you can learn from Mike Dillard and the guys from My lead System Pro that is one reason I have focused my attention on the value I have found with their system. Step by step they walk you down through the process making it easy for you to understand.

Whether You Drink From It Is Up To You

You are not born a leader, leaders are made. Education on the correct way to market on the internet is essential to success. Education does not have to cost an arm and a leg. You can start out with the as low as 50 dollars.

You will find that you are gaining the value of education and the confidence it takes to continue shows in every part of your life.

  • Fear drops away as you become more confident.
  • You are not intimidated, you have education to back you up.
  • Put your education to practice. Action is the only way to change your mindset.
  • You are no longer desperate trying to find people to join you or buy your products because they will want to be a part of your success.

So what are you waiting for the one thing that you can not find in your journey to becoming a success, may just be your ticket to succeed.

The value you obtain from educating yourself can not be taken for granted in this industry we are driven and sometimes over look the value we already have gained on our journey to becoming successful. I am an artist and can use design in everything I do or create contrast in the way that I present myself to you and yet if I don’t show you how I have done this the value is only worth knowing that I can do it. When I share it with you the value gains strength and becomes priceless to the person receiving it. When the demand for my knowledge go’s up, my value also gains strength and I am measured by the wealth of knowledge not my income.

As we master one skill after another it is easier to see why being in this business is for some of us a no brainier. We are eager to learn as much as we can to help others while we are also helping our self. We are in an industry that is moving faster then the speed of light constantly changing with so much to learn and offering to others is the way you become successful and you are now the leader that you strive to be.

Gaining perspective on what people want and how it is packaged.

  • You don’t have to do a lot to sand out, after you master a skill that others don’t know or bother to learn, then you share it.
  • Teaching people what you know and how you achieved it is worth its weight in gold.
  • Financial independence comes when you go out and offer your own skill set in a way that others can learn from it.
  • Studying the teachings of the masters you gain the value that they have so you can share them with others.
  • Now you have become the person that has value and your leads have something to gain.
  • You have now position yourself as the person that can solves problems that other have and  it becomes effortless.
  • People are not looking for your company or products.
  • They are looking for the benefits that your opportunity has to offer with out the work it take to get there.
  •  Your opportunity or product is the tools to solving their problem.
  • You must have a complete business model to offer with steps to show them how to succeed.

So you have the education it takes to succeed and you know the who, what, and why you are doing this. How can you get your teaching to the masses? How do I get traffic to my business? What can I to do for money while I am building my business? I am showing you some of what you need to know right now. I use blogging to promote traffic by sharing what I know and where I achieved my education. So follow my lead. I have taken the education that I have gained from masters in marketing and ran with it. I am affiliated with them through the respect they have earned by giving me more value then the dollars I have paid. Now as my business is gaining strength I am privileged to share this teaching with you. There is no way we will all interpret these steps in the same way. The success you acquire is up to you go learn as much as you can. I will continue lead you to a steam of education, whether you drink from it is up to you. Here is to your success! 

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