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Leadership Starts With You

Leaderships start with knowing wanting something is not the same as needing it as. Needs are food water and shelter. Wanting is an emotional reaction to pleasure. So what does this have to do with our identity?

Every person has needs and wants. Parents step into the roll of leadership they give their children what they need and what they want to support them. We are exposed early to outside influences that affect the way we think. It is the media and judgment from our peers that cause us pain or pleasure. This may trigger confusion on the difference between what our needs and wants really are.

Seeing, hearing, smelling and touching are the tool we inherited to survive. Listening with your senses started at birth, how we react to what we need as babies is natural. As we grow and understand how to get what we want, our parents place boundaries on us and introduced us to discipline. A child learns early that they are at the mercy of their family and will learn how to respond to get what they need. If you’re told repeatedly that you need and deserve something even when you don’t, you won’t understand the difference between a need and a want. Disciplined is setting the boundaries.

Discipline is training a state of improved behavior, improvement of physical power and self-control. Our brain is the key to getting what we need and want. If you are a victim to your emotions then you need to discipline your brain to act instead of reacting to the emotional triggers around you. You have to practice everything so that your brain knows what it has to do on its own. Just knowing you have to do something, is not enough.

Example: I am over weight because I have bad eating habits, there for I have to practice good eating habits to change the bad habits. I have a bad temper. No you have a bad habit triggered from an emotional behavior. You will only have self-control when you practice it. He is the best player on the team because he practiced until he could act with complete control over the game he plays.

Your brain will tell your body what to do when you practice it. If you don’t replace bad habits with good habits they will control your life. A computer is like a brain, unfortunately our brain doesn’t have the software to improve its performance. You are not what anyone tells you, you are what you tell yourself. All you have to do is listen to what you are telling your brain to do. If you tell yourself you don’t know how to something, you won’t. Your brain will not know what to do until you educate it to do so. Discipline yourself by practicing what you have to do and then act on your training.

Just because you put the uniform on doesn’t mean that your brain will tell your body how to play the game. You have to do your home work! You have to practice, know the game inside and out, then and only then you are ready to play in the game.

People fall victim to the world around them. You want to stand out in the crowd you have to practice discipline. In order to practice you need to find the training. You are not a player until you get in the game.

It is your life and your choices that define who you are, be accountable to yourself. Practice it, so you can stand out as a person of excellence. If you want what I have and are not willing to work for it, you can’t have it. Don’t throw a fit to get where you want to be. I had to change the way what I was doing to get what I need to live the way I want. I study it and practice it until I gained the skills to act without emotion when making decisions. , standout and be the example. People will follow your lead.

Is It Worth Your Time

It is our time. We live in a country that people are free to make choices. The one choice we have is to vote on the Laws and those who enforce them on the highest level. I feel this is a privilege and that comes with responsibility to keep this freedom for us and for our children.

So when I was chosen to do jury duty, I could not understand why I felt like I didn’t want to go. Yes, I had 100 excuses why I didn’t want to go. No reason not to and now that the boys are older every excuse I had did not seem as important and I thought that it would be setting an example that for them and some of my friends that can’t be bothered. I thought what’s so bad about it and why was I called so many times and others weren’t? The fact is that depending where you live the pool for jurors is slim so you can get called over and over again. If you serve your time on a jury you can turn it down for three years. Then your name is put back on the list.

People who are able to serve are expected to serve one week or less every three years. So what is the big deal? I found the worst part is waiting to be called for the selection process. Once selected to enter the court, you are asked the same questions as everyone else. You can tell the judge and the lawyers your answer in privet if you don’t want anyone to hear maintaining your privacy. The questions are usually if you or anyone in your family has been convicted of a crime and if it would affect your choice to follow the law as it is written.

If you are luck, like I was you get picked for the jury. Lucky because you’re not waiting anymore and it becomes interesting. You hear the charges and then opening statement from both sides. You don’t discuss the case with anyone until the judge reads and explain the law to you. Then you go to the jury room to deliberate. Everyone must agree on an outcome even if that is to disagree.

The process is really not bad even though you have to do a lot of waiting and your life at home or work is put on hold. They should give you a pager that way you could still work at home or in an office. I am glad that I went through this and will probably do it again. I feel that we should be held accountable when we break the law especially when you hurt someone. I know the burden is put on the court to prove that the person on trail is the one in fact that has committed the crime. The facts are proven by the process the choices that we make good bad or indifferent and if you follow the law and how it is explained it becomes a clear choice. Guilty, innocent or undecided when you come back into the courtroom the decisions made will affect you as much as the person held accountable for their actions.

The big deal is that they have to send 500 letters to get 200 jurors her where I live and in some large cities they have to send 3,000 letters to get the same amount. We what to live safe and worry free so I think before you say you can’t consider that your freedom or your children’s freedom could be at stake. If you give your leaders the power to do this on their own who will hold them accountable for the choices they make. Men and women give their lives every day to protect our freedom the least I can do is protect the judicial system by serving. Is it worth your time?

What’s the Catch

What’s the catch? Is it you? Are you a sponge sucking up everything that can help you get started? You have choices to make? Where do you start? Who do you follow? Who do you trust with your time and energy? More important what about the money? These are questions that are in the back of everyone’s mind when you decide this business is for you.

Research is the only way to find what you need. When you do a search on the net you are lost in a sea of advertising. So what are you suppose to do? Think about what problem you want to solve. If you are not manufacturing you are marketing products or supplying information. One thing to remember is that you are on the net and your name becomes your brand. As you are doing your search you want to find value, you want to find it fast and you don’t want to pay too much for that information. The catch is once you get it you share it.

If you are not at the top you have to find ways to get yourself to the top so that everyone one is seeking your help, you have to gain value it is not handed to you. The niche you decide to market in will decide what you are all about. You have to pick a product to market. I have some that may interest you; the value is in the product and the training that the company has to offer. The timing is always right to join a company that gives you the tools you need at little or no cost.

The amount it cost you in dollars is minimal to your pocket, but the catch here is the time it takes to start earning is up to you. Companies that are making millions with you represent them in promoting, selling and recruiting. They spend their money to supply you with all the tools to succeed. There are many ways and many products if you want to form your business with one of these companies. The better you work at representing the company, the more money you will make and the move valuable you gain to your business. You can start without a product if you have built a brand of your own. Your knowledge is the value your business. can you show others how to duplicate, train, become a brand of someone who is working and making money on their own terms. Now are you willing to move forward?

Well you came to a good place to start, I have worked for a year with and researching companies that have training in place or represent top ways you can learn, earn and start your internet business on the right foot.

Companies that help you train and supply you with product information that is current and new and are ready to work with you have to take their companies and your business to the next level. They are not out for just themselves they know the value of the people who help them bring their product to the world and are will to pay you highly for your brand.

Consultants, Reps and Independent Business Owners,  are the titles of the roll you fill and this is a way you can get started with companies that work hand in hand with you to represent their products and help you build your own business. Companies make a point of supporting and practicing being green is important to me and is one way I decide on whether I will do business with them.

If what you put in your body helps you feel better, you will want to tell everyone, so they can feel better to. You can help yourself feel better and share it. You are creating your business and become very successful? These companies all have the best systems in place; they give you the tools you need including a website, support and training. What’s the catch? You do have to put a small amount of money up in the beginning and there is a site fee or product order to full fill. These are very small amounts to pay for great products that support our health and wealth not to mention the training and support.

Building a business on the internet is easy when you have the tools, but most important is that you are going to have to work at it every day just like you would open the doors to a business at the mall, the difference is the world is your mall and you are in control of how well you do and what business choices you make will show everyone who you are. You want it, you have to start now. Who do you know that is doing what you want to do, as marketers you might follow a top person in products and companies in your niche. One way is to search for a product; Successful people are people who are more than willing to show you how to join their team. They will show you how to get started and lead you to success. You will only make money if you take action. Good luck!

Where Does Your Strength Come From

Do you find strength in your family, your friends, your job or your faith? Celebrations in life are so much sweeter with our family and friend. A crisis is easier to get through when you are not alone. It is hard for you to give your trust and your support to people you don’t know.

Discipline and inner strength can help. I believe it is our nature to want to help and be supportive of others. Sharing support with others is part of developing strong relationships with the people around you. Helping other find their strength is another way to bring people closer in a relationship.

Strength is beautiful, when we are around something that is strong it makes us feel safe. A person that is confidant shows strength and in recruiting marketers we look for a connection that mirrors the way we feel about yourself. Leaders are willing to share how they became so confident.Great marketers show you the steps and support you until you are strong enough to lead on their own. In advertising we use the things that we associate with strength, trees used as logos represent companies that want to show strength and beauty. Strong animals logos all so show physical strength. Choosing the way you want to live and acting on making changes is a sign of strength. Creating and living a life style you want takes time and work.

Confidence grows when we turn our weakness into strength. Practice this is one way to feel more confident. As an artist starting out I felt inadequate to the other artist I came in contact with. It was when I made up my mind to follow my dream and practice what I learned for myself and from others my confidence grew. Areas that I felt weak in, I practiced, practiced, and practiced until I felt strong enough to show my skill with confidence. Now I show my art with pride, my work is strong and so am I. How I share this value to others that are looking for guidance in this field is how I show my strength. Now that I am Marketing on the internet I have found more confidence and know the value of sharing these teachings with others to do the same.

Teach yourself something until you feel like you have mastered it. On line marketing has brought me back to practicing the skills I have gained this past year. I am stronger, I have built the inner strength that my company and I need to succeed. I feel confidant that I can lead others to carry out their dreams.

Not everyone can teach, you live your life as an example. If you don’t want or have the time to teach the skill it takes to get a successful business you can still lead them to the teachers that helped you get started. If you decide to help others develop the skills they need to succeed you will be left with an overwhelming sense of pride and that my friend is inner strenght that no one can take away.

Marketing With Professionals On The Internet

Now  is the time to take your knowledge of the company and their product that you represent to the next level. It is essential in internet marketing to get started making money right away.

You have done your work and now is the time to start making it big. Most of us are struggling to make ends meet as we build our business. The learn curve that you have to pay for is different for all of us. Some of us get it the first time and others will go back and forth until they get it down. That is exactly what you should be doing so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Learning each step as if it is the tool that will give you the most value for your buck.

I read blogs and watch training videos everyday and putting just a few hours of my time and the results are priceless. That got me thinking why not share this value with you. I know how the free content from these masters has helped me and you can find that on their sites. The stuff I want to share with you  is on the webinars and training.

My Lead System Pro, these guys are the rock stars of MLM and this is why:

I found these guys on the internet by searching for internet marketing help. I am with a company that promises great wealth. They do have great products and I use them myself. The one thing was that I was not comfortable with the marketing plan so I did nothing. They paid for the site, what did I care, maybe it would magically get found and I would start making money. As my son would say “FAIL”. I was not doing anything, I didn’t know how you could go from point a to point b, let alone get to x, y or z.

That is when I got another opportunity and I was not going to let this one pass me by. I thought that My Lead System Pros was to good to be true, they could teach me step by step. I plunged in with eyes wide open and both feet.

The one of the first thing they taught me was the more you know about marketing the more you will want to learn .You can make money while you are getting started in your online business.

 There are somethings you should know to get started:

Step 1.)You want to create and own your own domain name, low cost of domain names, how to get your domain name, where to host your domain, and how it is part of your identity on the internet and where you will make your money.The website for the company is own by the company and they can pull it at any time.

This is important because no one can take it away and the leads you generate are yours, you own them.

Step 2.) Setting up you profile in the system or they can even show you how to out source this if you so desire.

This is important so you can start making money as soon as possible.

Step3.) Setting up your income stream with affiliate programs. You can also join the affiliate program at My Lead System Pro

This is where your income is generated while you are learning.You have to have these in place so you can start your marketing campaigns.

Step 4.) Setting up an autoresponder and integrate it into your system. They also have an auto responder that is free if you chose to use it.

This is essential to your campaigns and will help you keep track of your leads and where they come from.

Step 5.) Setting up campaigns, modifying and customizing your campaigns.

My Lead System Pro will take you through these steps with videos that will get you on your way faster then you can imagine.

I know how it is when you are just getting started and believe me I felt like a fish out of water. These guys Norbert, Brain, and Matt have help so many marketers get started and succeed. Everyone of the people who have become a success are constantly giving back through My lead System Pro. The back office has an endless supply of video training and recorded webinars.

You can move at your own pace which is more important then you can imagine. There is a lot of material to consume so take your time. Conquering the internet is the place to start, this is where they reveal secrets of the top earners and will get you well on your way to making the income you desire from your own home. Next you will want to test drive this site and if you don’t find that it is everything I said it is just cancel and find something that works for you.

There is many training you can find on the internet and the programs are good but if you want to learn from the best this is a no brainier the system is easy to use and the videos are there so you can refer back to them as many times as you need. So if you are new to marketing on the internet you will want training that will blow others away check into this, no just start it. If it does not work for you then you have failed the system it has not failed you. It is easy and adding more material on a regular bases. This is important because the systems are changing all the time and technology is getting more advanced everyday. You will want to keep up with the changes to get the most out of the internet business that you are building.

Rating this training site is easier then I thought it would be, I rarely find that things are as great as they say they are. I recommend this to any person who is starting out in marketing. Norbert, Brian, Matt are just a few of the leaders that make getting started easy by showing you the steps to be a success in your online business.

Debra DeHoff (thats me) is a student of My Lead System Pro and Mike Dillard and is developing a unique marketing style thanks to the her mentors.

It is time to make money now not next year or next month now is the time. You can earn as you learn and this is just one of the secrets that you can learn from Mike Dillard and the guys from My lead System Pro that is one reason I have focused my attention on the value I have found with their system. Step by step they walk you down through the process making it easy for you to understand.

Whether You Drink From It Is Up To You

You are not born a leader, leaders are made. Education on the correct way to market on the internet is essential to success. Education does not have to cost an arm and a leg. You can start out with the as low as 50 dollars.

You will find that you are gaining the value of education and the confidence it takes to continue shows in every part of your life.

  • Fear drops away as you become more confident.
  • You are not intimidated, you have education to back you up.
  • Put your education to practice. Action is the only way to change your mindset.
  • You are no longer desperate trying to find people to join you or buy your products because they will want to be a part of your success.

So what are you waiting for the one thing that you can not find in your journey to becoming a success, may just be your ticket to succeed.

The value you obtain from educating yourself can not be taken for granted in this industry we are driven and sometimes over look the value we already have gained on our journey to becoming successful. I am an artist and can use design in everything I do or create contrast in the way that I present myself to you and yet if I don’t show you how I have done this the value is only worth knowing that I can do it. When I share it with you the value gains strength and becomes priceless to the person receiving it. When the demand for my knowledge go’s up, my value also gains strength and I am measured by the wealth of knowledge not my income.

As we master one skill after another it is easier to see why being in this business is for some of us a no brainier. We are eager to learn as much as we can to help others while we are also helping our self. We are in an industry that is moving faster then the speed of light constantly changing with so much to learn and offering to others is the way you become successful and you are now the leader that you strive to be.

Gaining perspective on what people want and how it is packaged.

  • You don’t have to do a lot to sand out, after you master a skill that others don’t know or bother to learn, then you share it.
  • Teaching people what you know and how you achieved it is worth its weight in gold.
  • Financial independence comes when you go out and offer your own skill set in a way that others can learn from it.
  • Studying the teachings of the masters you gain the value that they have so you can share them with others.
  • Now you have become the person that has value and your leads have something to gain.
  • You have now position yourself as the person that can solves problems that other have and  it becomes effortless.
  • People are not looking for your company or products.
  • They are looking for the benefits that your opportunity has to offer with out the work it take to get there.
  •  Your opportunity or product is the tools to solving their problem.
  • You must have a complete business model to offer with steps to show them how to succeed.

So you have the education it takes to succeed and you know the who, what, and why you are doing this. How can you get your teaching to the masses? How do I get traffic to my business? What can I to do for money while I am building my business? I am showing you some of what you need to know right now. I use blogging to promote traffic by sharing what I know and where I achieved my education. So follow my lead. I have taken the education that I have gained from masters in marketing and ran with it. I am affiliated with them through the respect they have earned by giving me more value then the dollars I have paid. Now as my business is gaining strength I am privileged to share this teaching with you. There is no way we will all interpret these steps in the same way. The success you acquire is up to you go learn as much as you can. I will continue lead you to a steam of education, whether you drink from it is up to you. Here is to your success! 

As Featured On EzineArticles

Your Brand is you

Now you are branding yourself and ready to launch your business on the internet.You want to be creditable, you want others to see you as a treasure with endless value. Everyone that receives your newsletter, sales letter or reads your blog is there for value. Your reputation it is your brand and it is fragile.

The Leader: The person with the answers.

  • What problem can you solve for these people?
  • Can you put yourself in there shoes?
  • How can you bring more value to their business?

Your brand is your personality, your brand is you. How the world sees you is your opportunity to show off how much you know about your niche.  You are the one with the solutions and that will set you apart from others, you are in the position that you are looking for.Show it off!

Here are some important things you should remember:

  • Design is not your brand. Yet it can reflect parts of your personality. How you dress up and go out is the image you want the world to see.
  • Advertising is not your brand it is world’s perception of how we present ourselves and the products we want to be seen or heard. How you act when you are out.
  • Public Relations is not your brand it is getting people to verify that you deliver on what you have promised in a positive way adding credibility to you.
  • Collateral. Collateral is not your brand. It’s function is to add interest and information to those who have decided to check you out.
  • Concept  is not your brand. A great concept can get someone to talk to you as a salesperson or click onto your link. Examples:  YouTube to do your blogging, a great sales letter, banner or add. Keeping it simple( takes a licking and…) you got the idea. Good concepts surprise, great concepts hold attention, Effective concepts are very specific, and very simplistic, about what they want to achieve.

So now that you can see your brand is fragile it reminds me of the saying “you can dress um up but you can’t take em out.” No one will show interest in you if you spam them with ads that are product related, if you want people to be attracted to you and what you have to offer remember this, people do business with the people they like and trust, not with someone who is just posting ads with no value.

As you are branding yourself come up with a design, advertising, public relations that show off your collateral in a winning well formatted concept. My mother always would say if you are hanging out with the wrong crowd it will only get you in trouble, people will see you as a troublemaker even if you are not. As you can see that branding is very important to who you attract to your business. I will only partner with people that deliver on how they brand themselves. If you deliver on your brand it is good decision for me to do business with you it can only make my brand stronger.

Focused on the idea that the new you is ready to deliver, your content for a specific audiences, and then developed campaigns on that concept with personality and style, your style. Put your twist on delivering what your customers (leads) want.

Today we are all trying to get on the fast tract to earning there are no short cuts if you want to be around for along time and successful while you are here. Dress up and go out into the world as a leader and others will follow you. The greatest complement is when someone want to be like you. We cannot be that person we look up to, we can emulate the charter that we respect and that we were drawn to.

Top companies work for years to establish a brand, today we can do it in such a short time on the internet. Social media is launching people to high positions and it is your responsibility to deliver on every thing that you promise. Do your homework, know your company and any products that you are backing, you don’t want to be with the wrong crowd when it comes to credibility. I back the products that I use or that I believe in. These people have prove to me that they can deliver and they will recommend the people who help them along the way to their success. This gave me the option to work with the best educated minds in the industry.

A recommendation is your ticket on the road to success and more then one is the difference between coach and owning your own jet. You should collect them as your treasures for they are priceless and one of a kind. You are the topic and highly regarded in your niche.

Branding is not as hard as we think, we have already started on the right track just don’t forget who you are and be authentic. Stay true to yourself and let your personality shine.

Mindset Of A Leader

Okay why can’t I seem to get in to the mindset of a leader? This is one of the first questions that I had to asks myself over and over. Imagine your self as the leader, position yourself as the leader and be the leader. So why is it harder for some of us and others seem to be the leader from the start.

Mindset is opening your mind to education and the endless possibilities of sharing that information. If you are reading this you have already gain value and you can start this by teaching what you have read, heard or experience to the people who are in your targeted market. You have chosen marketing and that is why you are here and that is why I am here.

Learn everything about your niche and share your knowledge and experience on the journey that you are going through. So many of us have a story to share. Why have you picked the company and the products they are selling or directing people to? I know the health products and how great they are. If I don’t share why, you will never know. Companies today have great websites with a wealth of knowledge filled with ways to promote the company and their products. Keep in mind these sites are owned by the companies.

By answering the questions your prospect and customers have you are giving value. Share what you know about your company. When you learn and are involved with them on a regular bases it becomes easier to help others make decisions to become a part of your company or a customer of the products you have to offer.

This is one way you can position yourself, as an expert and as you do this you will find that you will develop the mindset of the leader. You will be compelled to share what you are learning about the company and the products to anyone who will listen. Thus taking the roll as a teacher and teachers are leaders.

When looking for a mentor I have found that there are few that I want to follow 100% and so many have special qualities that I am willing to adapt in my profile as a leader. That is why I know the more you learn the more you grow into the mindset of a great leader. By taking the qualities I love about these people I can develop my own leadership skills.

These things will help you in your journey to become a great leader:

Start with some free training you can find on the internet. Keeping in mind most marketers are following the same formula. (Know your company, know your product, introduce your product, give away something for free.)  Masters give you a wealth of value and so much is free. Yet they can not make you into what you want to be. You will have to create a mindset free from fear and ready to act on what they teach you. Doing a search on you tube, ezinearticles, word-press, blogger just to name a few that can help you get started. Then there are always the free training you can get from the company you join. Why not take it up a notch and find mentors and soak in the free value and purchase the programs that will launch you into the leadership roll from the get go. So many of these masters have ways you can earn as you learn so your training can paid for its self. They walk you through the process of building your own site, managing your site and developing your own leads (list of clients or customers that follow you).

I found that I was lost is a sea of free training and needed a different approach an that is when I started searching for the people who have the finger on the pulse of what marketing is all about. I am a visual learner and the videos and webinars I found were my ticket. It gave me the confidence to lose the fear and act on my training. So sharing this with you was a no brainier. Get direction and a purpose for what we do. We are marketers that intend to succeed.

Mindset is you having the confidence in yourself and training that you have taken time to learn and want to share with others. Once you start you will see that it was in you from the start.

The way to the future is one step at a time, it is up to us to take the first step.