Is It Worth Your Time

It is our time. We live in a country that people are free to make choices. The one choice we have is to vote on the Laws and those who enforce them on the highest level. I feel this is a privilege and that comes with responsibility to keep this freedom for us and for our children.

So when I was chosen to do jury duty, I could not understand why I felt like I didn’t want to go. Yes, I had 100 excuses why I didn’t want to go. No reason not to and now that the boys are older every excuse I had did not seem as important and I thought that it would be setting an example that for them and some of my friends that can’t be bothered. I thought what’s so bad about it and why was I called so many times and others weren’t? The fact is that depending where you live the pool for jurors is slim so you can get called over and over again. If you serve your time on a jury you can turn it down for three years. Then your name is put back on the list.

People who are able to serve are expected to serve one week or less every three years. So what is the big deal? I found the worst part is waiting to be called for the selection process. Once selected to enter the court, you are asked the same questions as everyone else. You can tell the judge and the lawyers your answer in privet if you don’t want anyone to hear maintaining your privacy. The questions are usually if you or anyone in your family has been convicted of a crime and if it would affect your choice to follow the law as it is written.

If you are luck, like I was you get picked for the jury. Lucky because you’re not waiting anymore and it becomes interesting. You hear the charges and then opening statement from both sides. You don’t discuss the case with anyone until the judge reads and explain the law to you. Then you go to the jury room to deliberate. Everyone must agree on an outcome even if that is to disagree.

The process is really not bad even though you have to do a lot of waiting and your life at home or work is put on hold. They should give you a pager that way you could still work at home or in an office. I am glad that I went through this and will probably do it again. I feel that we should be held accountable when we break the law especially when you hurt someone. I know the burden is put on the court to prove that the person on trail is the one in fact that has committed the crime. The facts are proven by the process the choices that we make good bad or indifferent and if you follow the law and how it is explained it becomes a clear choice. Guilty, innocent or undecided when you come back into the courtroom the decisions made will affect you as much as the person held accountable for their actions.

The big deal is that they have to send 500 letters to get 200 jurors her where I live and in some large cities they have to send 3,000 letters to get the same amount. We what to live safe and worry free so I think before you say you can’t consider that your freedom or your children’s freedom could be at stake. If you give your leaders the power to do this on their own who will hold them accountable for the choices they make. Men and women give their lives every day to protect our freedom the least I can do is protect the judicial system by serving. Is it worth your time?

What Motivates You to Buy

You enter a market with a list of what you need to buy. So why do you come home with things that are not on your list. I never have flowers on my list and I bring them home once in a while feeling great about it. Why? Purchase motivated by emotions. When you realizes that everyone else is doing the same thing you will understand that we buy because of the way it makes us feel.

The smell, the colors, the music and the layout of the stores designed to prompt a safe environment filled with triggers that make you feel great about what you are and have purchased. This is why we have our favorite stores and markets. Because you can buy food at any grocery store and stores like Sears has all the basics for everything else, or it use to.

Advertizing is always centered on emotions, why you ask? Humans seek pleasure. We are on a mission for comfort and to avoid pain at all cost. When we are in pain our focus is to get out of it.

If you ask the overweight person if they are happy they would probably say yes, but I would like to lose weight. They are in pain because of their weight not because of how they got over weight. These people are experience the pain of acceptance. They have just communicated a need, and the world has heard it and responded with a 34.7 billion dollars spent on weight loss according to the Federal Trade Commission. This tells us that people want acceptance and comfort over all else no matter what the cost. Pain is the biggest motivator of all because problems increase pain and cut pleasure. Find a solution to decrease pain and increase pleasure is your goal.

Your mind takes over when exposed to pain or you are in danger of being in pain. When you are driving in a storm you are at a height of awareness noticing the rain, the roads covered in water, other cars, trucks, trees that might have fallen and the lighting these are triggers that bring on fear. Your heart rate goes up and you don’t relax until you are off the road home safe. Your brain has brought you through and your body is safe once again. You feel safe and that brings pleasure.

Knowing your job could disappear also causes pain. Knowing your boss is a jerk that is the causes of your pain. Knowing without a job you cannot pay bills, buy groceries or take care of your family cause’s pain. Therefore you keep your job because it is the lesser pain. Most people, who want to work from home are on a mission to cut the pain caused by their job or time away from family and friends. The ability to work from home and make money increases pleasure.

Now that you know what motivates us, you can help people find the steps to change their pain to pleasure. The opportunity and the products that you represent are the solution to their problems. Does your advertising solve the problems? Does it increase pleasure? Does it decrease pain? The foundation for any business is to solve problems. You may know the solution to that burning question. How can I make extra money? So design your advertising campaign around simply showing them how to do that very thing.

You are the solution, you bring them the opportunity to change their problems. Now remember that as humans we what it now and the ads that we write are short and directed to the problem you are solving. It should touch on the pleasure that brings us to want to buy. The words you choose for your ads and videos you use are powerful, with sound and a visual product demonstrating the solution. Expressing how you communicate pleasure is the goal of all advertising and of business.

Do You Dread Prospecting

Prospecting is that dreaded cold call and some are a challenge; we hate to call people we don’t know as if they were going to judge our performance. Don’t let fear defeat the effort it takes to build your down line. Nerves, fear, excitement and hesitation all come from the same place. Choose excitement and find a new way of picking up the phone.

Practice getting comfortable with what you say and how you say it. Change your fear to an exciting challenge how many people can you qualify by the end of the week. Find a partner you can practice prospecting with better yet just pick up the phone and make some calls. Unfortunately 90% of your call will be a bust. They won’t want what you have to offer, so don’t sell them anything. You don’t have to.

If you are serious about building a quality down line you are not going to want just anyone, you are representing a multi-million dollar company. You are picking quality people you want to work with you to change their lives for the better by opening their eyes to the opportunity to make that extra 2,000 dollars or more a month. Put together an earning team and show them how to build a network of qualified people. Building a down line is a skill that can only be mastered with practice.

Making phone calls increases your sale ratio. It is often the fastest way to build your business. You are in charge, so start turning your leads into a recruiting opportunity. You are the messenger of the best opportunity in the world to start their own home business. You are the messenger, showing how excited that you are that you are the one that will qualify them to work with this million dollar company. You help them sign up the company and the company will train them with their top earners leading the way. They will weed out people who are not suited to work with their company. Show them how to register, be there if they need a hand in understanding how that works. When you are training your team you may want to use the script from start to finish. The more call you make you will be able to tell in the first minute if they are interested or not.

As you present the opportunity make sure you relay to them that this is a home business opportunity not a job. If they are not interested you can just thank them for their time and say good-bye. The prospects that show interest will ask questions. Your job is to send them to the website and let the company’s videos do what they do best. Set up a follow-up call and ask if there is a good time to answer any questions they may have, then help them register.

Not everyone wants to shot the messenger the 10 % that are willing to listen are at a turning point in their lives and are looking for answers. You are the one to help them change their lives for the better. Now instead of dreading those prospecting calls your relaxed because you know you are not selling anything you talking to a person who wants the same things that you do for themselves and their family. Don’t dread prospecting you are the one who presents the oppertunity to change lives.

What Makes Your Business and Products Unique?

Today people are looking for something special in the products they want and the opportunities they seek. What makes yours special and different from others they find on the internet? Do you show the value of the products and how they changed your life? Here are somethings to think about when planning a business. No one needs a new restaurant yet there are new ones springing up all the time. Restaurants, at one end of the spectrum, will need well-trained employees with many customer and great advertisers on the other end, all working together to make a profit.

Restaurants with something unique to offer have a well-trained staff ready to bring a culinary delight to each customer. Without advertising, no one would find it or know how special it is and there would not be a profit. If every restaurant had the same menu what makes this one special is its site, the atmosphere, or the staff. The point is you are in charge of your business and unless you bring out the special qualities no will know that you are there. Every part of your business needs a team of people with someone in place to supervisor and take an active role in how they show their reputation to the public. Network Marketing is no different – it needs people to make it work. Each person in your business is unique. Your strength is to bring out these qualities and play up to the strengths of your partners and staff so that your business benefits and grows.

Internet Marketing has many levels of opportunities, if you are an extrovert you can bring your company to the masses through trade show and large events that allow you to set up booths. There are multiple places that you can show the great products and the unique opportunities that your business has to offer. The way you advertise is up to you; flyers, bumper stickers, drop cards or events all are useful. Not everyone is comfortable putting themselves out in front; they may not want to make the phone calls, or address groups of people and yet they may excel when it comes to writing ads, newsletters, emails and blogs.

The fact is to help your business grow you must help others qualify and understand that they can choose how they want to share the business opportunity with others. They should start in their comfort zone and challenge themselves to grow as their business grows. As they grow their business the people they select from will have their own unique qualities to bring. By sharing your knowledge you are showing others how to do what you do. With your guidance they will do business in their own style. Now you can go forward with a clear understanding on how you may want to advertise the products and any opportunities you may have.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life” (Chinese proverb)
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Start Your Business on the Net

What you decide to market, will decide what you are all about. Pick a product or service to market. I have some that may interest you; the value is in the product and the training that the company has to offer. The timing is always right to join a million dollar company that gives you the tools you need at little or no cost to start a business.
The amount it cost you in dollars is minimal to your pocket, but the time it takes to start earning is up to you. Companies that are making millions using small business to promoting, selling and recruit are going to supply you with all the tools you need to succeed. There are many ways and many products to choose from. The better you are at representing the company, the more money you will make and the more valuable you become to your business. You can start without a product if you have built a brand of your own. Your brand is the value your business brings to others and gives them a reason to share it with others. Now are you willing to move forward?
Great, I have worked for years with these companies. I feel that they hold my interest and do business in an ethical way. They have training in place that support the top ways you can learn, earn and start your Internet business on the right track.
Here are some companies that have what it takes to get you started a niche you might be interested in. They are not out for just themselves they know the value of the people who help them bring their product and services to the world and are willing to pay you highly for the brand and the people that qualify.

These I recommend:

  • The Qivana Company is new multimillion dollar company it is in the business of sharing products that support your health and wealth. They have developed great products with great training in place. A team of high earners leading you to success. Qivana is ready to show you how their product can change the way we look at the product we put in our bodies and just as important the production and the science behind what they offer. Qivana is a company that uses science and is on the cutting edge of healthier choices to keep you in good health.
  •  Free Life also a company that has great organic product with scientific research to back up the Goji Berry and how it can improve your health and well being. Free Life has a training program that is easy to follow and has stood the test of time. They dedicate the company and products to change lives for the better. Their superior training and support maybe just what you are looking for.
  • Essant’e World Wide is another company that has organic products and experts that decide it was time to make a better line of products and offer them up to the world. This is one company that is also on the cutting edge of science and healthy preventive care. The training is as great as the products and with a support team to help you along the way you will find a great opportunity here.

Okay that covers Consultants, Reps and Independent Business Owners, in the niches that I am interested in. I hope this helps you in some way and if these are companies you like I will help you get started and if not, you have to finding companies and products that you are interested in. These companies work hand in hand with you to represent the products, the company and they make a point of supporting and practicing being green. This is important to me and it may be important to you as well. If what you put in your body helps you feel better, you will want to tell everyone, so they can feel better too. You can maintain your health, go green and share this to create your business.

These companies all have the great systems in place they give you the tools you need including a website, support, webinar and great products. You do have to put a small amount up in the beginning and there is a site fee or product order to full fill. These are very small amounts to pay for great products that support our health and wealth not to mention the free training and excellent support.
Building a business on the Internet is easy when you have the tools, but most important thing is that you are going to have to work hard at it every day just like you would open doors to a business at the mall. The difference is the world is your mall and you are in control of how well you do and what business choices you make will show everyone who you are and that you are here to say!

What’s the Catch

What’s the catch? Is it you? Are you a sponge sucking up everything that can help you get started? You have choices to make? Where do you start? Who do you follow? Who do you trust with your time and energy? More important what about the money? These are questions that are in the back of everyone’s mind when you decide this business is for you.

Research is the only way to find what you need. When you do a search on the net you are lost in a sea of advertising. So what are you suppose to do? Think about what problem you want to solve. If you are not manufacturing you are marketing products or supplying information. One thing to remember is that you are on the net and your name becomes your brand. As you are doing your search you want to find value, you want to find it fast and you don’t want to pay too much for that information. The catch is once you get it you share it.

If you are not at the top you have to find ways to get yourself to the top so that everyone one is seeking your help, you have to gain value it is not handed to you. The niche you decide to market in will decide what you are all about. You have to pick a product to market. I have some that may interest you; the value is in the product and the training that the company has to offer. The timing is always right to join a company that gives you the tools you need at little or no cost.

The amount it cost you in dollars is minimal to your pocket, but the catch here is the time it takes to start earning is up to you. Companies that are making millions with you represent them in promoting, selling and recruiting. They spend their money to supply you with all the tools to succeed. There are many ways and many products if you want to form your business with one of these companies. The better you work at representing the company, the more money you will make and the move valuable you gain to your business. You can start without a product if you have built a brand of your own. Your knowledge is the value your business. can you show others how to duplicate, train, become a brand of someone who is working and making money on their own terms. Now are you willing to move forward?

Well you came to a good place to start, I have worked for a year with and researching companies that have training in place or represent top ways you can learn, earn and start your internet business on the right foot.

Companies that help you train and supply you with product information that is current and new and are ready to work with you have to take their companies and your business to the next level. They are not out for just themselves they know the value of the people who help them bring their product to the world and are will to pay you highly for your brand.

Consultants, Reps and Independent Business Owners,  are the titles of the roll you fill and this is a way you can get started with companies that work hand in hand with you to represent their products and help you build your own business. Companies make a point of supporting and practicing being green is important to me and is one way I decide on whether I will do business with them.

If what you put in your body helps you feel better, you will want to tell everyone, so they can feel better to. You can help yourself feel better and share it. You are creating your business and become very successful? These companies all have the best systems in place; they give you the tools you need including a website, support and training. What’s the catch? You do have to put a small amount of money up in the beginning and there is a site fee or product order to full fill. These are very small amounts to pay for great products that support our health and wealth not to mention the training and support.

Building a business on the internet is easy when you have the tools, but most important is that you are going to have to work at it every day just like you would open the doors to a business at the mall, the difference is the world is your mall and you are in control of how well you do and what business choices you make will show everyone who you are. You want it, you have to start now. Who do you know that is doing what you want to do, as marketers you might follow a top person in products and companies in your niche. One way is to search for a product; Successful people are people who are more than willing to show you how to join their team. They will show you how to get started and lead you to success. You will only make money if you take action. Good luck!

The Marketing Truth

Most people you meet do not want to hear you’re in marketing and you’re in business for yourself. Your friends and family probably won’t understand 90% of the population works a job. They make money just fine and are willing to work at a job for forty years, at a company not knowing how their job security will change at the first sign of financial problems. Vacations scheduled for when it is convenient for the company and their sick days limited. While it may take some time and effort to build your business and you will making your own schedule with the funds to do everything you imagined.

A promise of retirement funds keeps them on a string like a puppet not knowing if they will have enough retirement. They see other retiring with funds that don’t match inflation. Medical problems can drain your bank account so fast. A diagnose can reach the most medical coverage that is not included in their retirement package you had picked 40 years before. The great thing about Network Marketing is building residual income, which becomes retirement income. If this is working for you, you are content to do what 90% of the world. Marketing is not for you and that’s okay, this is not a job this is a life style.

Family and friends are not supportive; they don’t understand that you did not fall prey to a scam. You have made a choice to follow a dream to have control over your destiny. Provide a life style for you and your family that is not bound by limits. You thrive on the endless opportunity you have for grow and are willing to share your knowledge with others that have the same goals.

The truth is that 90% of the people you talk to are not going to want what you have to offer and probably never will. Have comfort in knowing that the internet market is like throwing out a net in a galaxy of stars, you want to catch the ones that are going to shine for a long time. Bright enough to shine on everyone they touch, passing knowledge to everyone the meet.

The people who want what you are building are sick of the way things are going, not knowing if they have a job from one day to the next. They are living pay check to pay check and crippled with worry about how they will plan for the future with the way things are today. Then there are those people who look at this as the best opportunity to bring changes for the way they have always seen themselves living and helping others do the same.

You can live with fear everyday and do nothing or you can take that time and put it to work to change your life. This business is not for you if you don’t want to change and grow, if you don’t want to develop skills that will improve your life and the lives of everyone you meet. Not easy yet noting that last a long time is, the marketing truth is that 90% won’t want your business and that’s okay because the people you attract are those that are going to shine like a rare gem or a bright star. Those of us that are in this business take the training and improve our lives and the way they see the world.

Marketing Weight Loss As Your Home Business

Weight loss and business have a lot in common. You tell yourself when you are in doubt; you can’t do this. Who cares about what others think and what gives them the right to judge? This is some of the crap we feed ourselves as we put on the pounds or avoid getting starting at owning your business. We stop looking in full length mirrors knowing you still look good from the neck up and your unemployment hasn’t run out yet. It is also what you think when others put you down for marketing on- line when you don’t make money when you start out.

We think about others judging us and assuming we know what they think. Truth is that no one really cares. You would think your spouse should care, but he or she doesn’t notice. My husband and children don’t have more than one thought at a time and it usually is about them. My health and wealth is my responsibility. My responsibility is to myself and my family. Change the thought change the person from the inside out.

When you see an old friend and they are so glad to see you, they ask about everything except your weight. They are never interested in hearing about the marketing business and they are your friend so they will let you ramble on just don’t throw your pitch at them. They will ask if they want more information. The only one that can make you feel bad about yourself is you. Why beat yourself up on what others may think of you. If you don’t look at yourself in a full length mirror you are the only one that can change it. Don’t be afraid of what you see and you might decide to do something about. Wouldn’t you rather have walked away feeling the pleasure of the visit, feeling comfortable in your own skin and confident in who you are. You are a marketer so offering them a product that you know will help them solve a problem.

I’m fifty-one, I look at myself everyday in a full length mirror, I try to change the things I need work on. Every day I am improving, every day I learn something new about myself and my business. I know what my friends and family think of me. As you get older things that matter change for all of us and everyone’s need are different. Some of us want to age gracefully and others will fight it tooth and nail. Then there are those of us who want to take charge of our wealth and build our own business but are afraid to get started. The fact is you have to do what’s best for you. Take a good long look at yourself from top to bottom, if what you see is working for you, great. If not change it!

You can improve, if you really want to. There are companies that can sell you health in a bottle and have it delivered to your front door. The best part of these companies is the products; they let the science back up the products and the testimony by pleased customers who have found the answers that they are looking for. The opportunities with these companies are great if you are will to work for your future. They supply you with a web site, training by the top earners in the company and compensation plans to support you. Now you are on your way to creating a business.

So many people are looking for products that support their weight loss efforts. I work directly with some of these companies. These companies are great; each has a weight loss program different from the other, they all are great tools to help you with your weight loss efforts, I know that when you find something that you like, you want to share it with everyone you come in contact with. So get paid for your recommendations. There are so many people looking for away to start a home business and companies that put your health first.

I am a marketer and I can tell you this it does not matter what product you use to help support your weight loss. First you must check with your doctor and run the product information by them. Then you must stop making excuses, weight loss and marketing both take a lot of work and your choice to join the marketing community is not something you should do if your heart is not in it. The choices you make in business have to come from the knowledge you gain and the training you apply. Remember if you want it bad enough you will use these products and the weight loss programs as a tool to gain success. You know that there is no magic pill for weight loss and there is no business that becomes successful without working hard at it. Good Luck with both your weight loss and your business choices.

Residual Income Is Worth The Time It Takes Building A Business

Residual income is in your grasp so let paint a picture of how this matters to you. The income you no longer have to work to create. Rock bands, singers and movie stars earn a residual income. The money that they make off the efforts they put in developing a career results in the income that they will make off of movies and CD’s as long as they are selling them. A residual passive income creates retirement income. The best part is you will only have to cash the checks.

The time you spend building your business is equal to the amount of residual income you want for you and your family. So, put a lot of time in now and the money will flow in to your family’s wealth month after month for years and years. The money you invest to start an internet business is nothing compared to opening a restaurant or any other business in your city or town. It doesn’t matter what business you plan on starting they will all have their own set of challenges. Pick a way that will get you to your goals and do it.

You must have access to a great opportunity, a computer and a phone. Now that your business is running you really don’t have to put any more money into it, just your time. Think of it like you were the star of a movie and now you have to make appearances’ on talk shows to advertise. Now the movie is 10 years old and every DVD that sells, you make money; every time your movie plays on TV you make money. You are now the star of your company it is on auto pilot and you are making passive income.

If you were the owner of a business that is in a building you will have the cost of maintaining the business in the city you are in that includes inventory. If there is a fire or if the economy is bad you lose everything and then decide on whether to rebuild or not. You will not experience the risk or have the overhead of a tradition business. The advantage of building a network marketing business is that you train people to build their business, and when they build their business, you make more money. You also encourage them to train their teams, when their teams build everyone makes even more money. As you build and train your team, you will reach the income level you desire. When your team is trained to build, the growth will keep occurring and all you will need to do is make sales when you want but mostly your job will be just to keep encouraging your team.

Searching for ways to achieve your dream can wear you out; seal your spirit and making you feel defeated. Then along the way someone will put their hand out to help you stand up showing you a different way. This is when you find a way to make your dream a reality.

Painting a Picture

When I am painting a picture I have pride in it. I want to share it with the world. It sometimes takes time to create a thing of beauty. Look at how long it took to create the art that is treasured all over the world. The work grew in each country and each country has a massive collection of beautiful art that tell a story on how the art grew and developed into a national treasure. Each piece added brought value to the collection.

Look at your business as a work of art, pick a subject and sketch out your ideas. Create the composition using the endless limits of the medium you wish to work with. Now start to build your piece of art work. Each step you take towards the execution of a beautiful piece of art that is treasure by everyone who sees it. The time it takes develop depends on how well you know your craft and teach it to others. You can go from making nothing to hundreds. It becomes the picture of a vision you have for you and your family.

Know there are some artists that hop from project to project not take the time to master the medium that they have chosen to create a style that is recognized as their work or a finished picture.  Your painting will take time just like your business you have to pick your niche and master the techniques you plan on using. Pick the colors you think are going to complement your work, apply the color and watch how your subject starts to appear on the canvas. Attention to every detail so that you can portray a piece of work that is beyond your expectations and a master piece of fine art. The artist who hops from project to project may never be an accomplished artist who can successfully create a piece of fine art.

Art is personal it stirs up feelings that will reach out and grab your heart. This is the way you should feel about the business you are creating. As you master the marketing techniques it may take some time until you are pleased with the finished piece of work. It requires dedication and practice before you are comfortable in your new role. Take the time to learn the products or services that the business you choose to market. When you have a good fit you will create a business that is like no other, attracting people who share your passion and want to develop a painting of their own. You have learned the art of marketing and can teach your skill to others.

Artist study the masters they are attracted to. When they are confidante they know the technique and are compelled to share it and teach it to anyone that is truly a student of the arts. Marketing is an art and I am confident that out of the millions of people who start out wanting to master it only a select few can truly master and teach without questioning how long it was going to take to create something worth showing.