My Theme Works For Me

So many of the comments I get are about my theme. It is a word press theme  2010 weaver with 18 widgets. I searched through word press until I found this one it allows you to download your own logo or art work. I took my photos turn them into one large photo   of the people who helped me get started. Turn the photo black and white, selected a color I liked and change it. this can all be done from windows photo gallery. I found it easy with my background in fine arts.

Word Press has themes to meet your needs, I suggest you go simple and work your way up from there. Check out the themes at word press you can down load them to your site and set it up from there, adding widgets and plug-in to accommodate your needs. I own this site and I am happy to share what I know with you. I will be give you tips on how you can start changing your photos into usable art to add to your sites.

Your site is where you want people to come explore and see what your all about, give credit to those that help you by sharing what you have learned. I can only show you how to work the themes that I use from word press. I am still learning, as I am develop my style and my web presence. You have to play around with the theme don’t be scared, you can always hit the back button if you make a mistake. I am new to this and I wanted to learn these things for myself giving me creative control over my business.

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