Getting Your Business Started

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Bussiness I am here to help you with your training.

Ready or Not

Okay you have picked the company that will move you forward with your goals. You dove into the company training and products.

They have supplied you with a website, training from a top earner and products. All for a small fee now you need to build your business around you.

Start a blog, better yet buy a domain and get it hosting so you have a place to send your friends.  Whether you just want to do landing pages or a full blow site the choice is yours.

Every business today must have a presence on the internet. How you represent yourself on the internet my make or break your business. Think of curb appeal. Simple uncluttered works best.

Engage in Social Media

Face book, twitter, and my space any where you can show that you are a person that wants the attention of the world. You are doing business all over the world. You will only be seen when you open the doors.

Okay you are open for business.

  • Your own website
  • Set up you auto responder
  • Add your primary company
  • Add your affiliates
  • Post at least one articles a week
  • Link the articles to twitter, face book etc.

The one thing is to be consistent in your efforts to drive people to your site.


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