Do You Dread Prospecting

Prospecting is that dreaded cold call and some are a challenge; we hate to call people we don’t know as if they were going to judge our performance. Don’t let fear defeat the effort it takes to build your down line. Nerves, fear, excitement and hesitation all come from the same place. Choose excitement and find a new way of picking up the phone.

Practice getting comfortable with what you say and how you say it. Change your fear to an exciting challenge how many people can you qualify by the end of the week. Find a partner you can practice prospecting¬†with better yet just pick up the phone and make some calls. Unfortunately 90% of your call will be a bust. They won’t want what you have to offer, so don’t sell them anything. You don’t have to.

If you are serious about building a quality down line you are not going to want just anyone, you are representing a multi-million dollar company. You are picking quality people you want to work with you to change their lives for the better by opening their eyes to the opportunity to make that extra 2,000 dollars or more a month. Put together an earning team and show them how to build a network of qualified people. Building a down line is a skill that can only be mastered with practice.

Making phone calls increases your sale ratio. It is often the fastest way to build your business. You are in charge, so start turning your leads into a recruiting opportunity. You are the messenger of the best opportunity in the world to start their own home business. You are the messenger, showing how excited that you are that you are the one that will qualify them to work with this million dollar company. You help them sign up the company and the company will train them with their top earners leading the way. They will weed out people who are not suited to work with their company. Show them how to register, be there if they need a hand in understanding how that works. When you are training your team you may want to use the script from start to finish. The more call you make you will be able to tell in the first minute if they are interested or not.

As you present the opportunity make sure you relay to them that this is a home business opportunity not a job. If they are not interested you can just thank them for their time and say good-bye. The prospects that show interest will ask questions. Your job is to send them to the website and let the company’s videos do what they do best. Set up a follow-up call and ask if there is a good time to answer any questions they may have, then help them register.

Not everyone wants to shot the messenger the 10 % that are willing to listen are at a turning point in their lives and are looking for answers. You are the one to help them change their lives for the better. Now instead of dreading those prospecting calls your relaxed because you know you are not selling anything you talking to a person who wants the same things that you do for themselves and their family. Don’t dread prospecting you are the one who presents the oppertunity to change lives.

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