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Creative People Love SEO Who Knew

Creative people understand and love SEO, they know it’s a great way to show off their skills and their art. It is one of the way to get people to your website, because it’s where they can find you. Believe me It is not as hard as you would think.

How Creative People Make It Works.

  • First of all                                                                                                                                           Artist that use SEO rank on the top pages of the search engines in the niche and under the category they want people to find. Website are a creative persons playground and  a platform to show off your work.
  • Second                                                                                                                                                        People want to see you on the first few pages they search. Website that show relevance to search engines are seen by more people. New people will click on the first pages of the search pages to find what there looking for they don’t want to go down the search hole.
  • Third                                                                                                                                                        Be creative by adding constant valuable content on your site. By constantly adding value, you will finally get the attention that leads to a high search engine ranking. Search engines look for keywords, key word phrases, categories and tags that rank your website and decides which ones get the most traffic.
  • Fourth                                                                                                                                                  Artist who show off their expertise’s on their website are not only creating valuable content they also get to know your skills. You have an advantage here because as a creative person have so much to share with the public. Share the process of building a piece of art, adding a few creative photos and videos helps. Don’t forget to add categories and tags to improve York visibility. Your ranking will climb. As an artist you have so many opportunities to add content with an insight that some people can only imagine. Being creative is a gift.
Creative Photo Art Ad

Creative ad draws attention make them and use them on your site.

Linking your website to your social media is another great way to get the attention of people you want to visit your site. The goal is to get people to your website. You do that by being constancy adding valuable content on your website. Sharing yourself with others on social sites and lead them back to your website.

In addition to that be your creative self and you will attract people and they will want to see your website. They will want to stay exploring you website which in turn leads a more relevant website. So you are more valuable to the search engines.

Finally get creative it’s your website. Connecting it to your social media is a must. Look at it as weaving a great store front that is always changing. Your post is where you capture the attention of the public.

The more people like your website the more they will want to come back and share it with family and friends. So people may not want what you have but that doesn’t mean they don’t know someone who will.

Building Business Relationship on-Line?

Lasting relationships on-line star with social media. Look at the way I use it. Is there a way to approach your friends and prospective customers by using these social sites to market?

I don’t like to play the games on these sites. I want to build relationships with people by having conversations. I don’t want to spend my time playing games on-line.

So I asked some experts, what do you get out of playing these games? My sons, they play more games on-line more than anyone I know. They opened my eyes to how they use these games. While playing video games they communicate with people on the inter-net daily. They build relationships with new people as they enter the games. So if you are someone who is comfortable playing games and you have many people in your gaming circle it can open a door for you to find out more about them. I talked to people of all ages they all got something different out of gaming on the inter-net but they all said it is to connect to others that have the same interest.

I know that these sites have opened the door to marketing and unfortunately inter-net marketing spam. When my wall is full of every offer under the sun, it drives me crazy. All I want is the good stuff that my friends are sharing. I know that by build a circle of friends you open yourself up to what they want to share. Do you listen to what you are adding to the conversation. You want to build relationships with people. Listening to what they tell you is showing them that they matter to you. Whether you do it playing the games or commenting on a post, you need to become involved with the people if you want them to listen to you. We are people first and marketers second. As you log on to these sites there is a time and place to bring your offer to the table. If you have to think about whether or not to post an offer, don’t do it. When a door opens start a conversation as your relationship grows introduce your business and any offers that you want to share. When you want me to hear about your offer, send a personal message you don’t have to post it. I am willing to listen to your offer.

People in any relationship want to feel good about it. Getting friends or followers doesn’t give you anything except a number unless you are building relationships. Looking at what you want from these social media sites.Think before you just start posting quotes and offers. You are on a site to build a relationship. Do you really throw a quote out there every time you talk to your friends or hit them with a sales offer? I don’t. I want to listen to what they need or want and offer them a solution so they know I care.

I know that it is hard when you are starting out to get people to listen to you, but think about what you want in a business relationship and then build it. When you bring value to a relationship people stand up and notice you for the person you are. People do business with people they like and trust. We want to have relationships that grow and change, so think before you post. I look forward to all the relationships I build. I think that social media is there to connect people who have the same interest. I connect with marketers, artist, mothers sisters, brothers the list goes on and on. I wonder why you accepted my friendship if they don’t want to get to know me. I am more than a number you add to your prospect list.

Develop Your Business Character

To develop a business character you look at yourself and see what parts of your personality you would like to change. If you are waiting for others to change you are in big trouble. The people in your life don’t want you to control them. Don’t dwell on them, the person that is reading this is the one that needs changes. As we work on ourselves other will changing around us or is it that they aren’t changing we are. Your perception is what is changing.

Investing in a relationship is emotional, you are constantly working on it and yourself. You will want to bring your best every time you are with them. That is why it is so important to build strong relationships with friends and family. You can bring your best to every person you meet and that doesn’t mean you have to emotionally invest in them.

As I work on my posture, the way I look at people is changing. People that are rude to me or don’t take time to listen to what I have to offer really doesn’t matter any more. I don’t emotionally invest in what they are going to say or do until I see what type of person they are. I can tell in just a few seconds if the person is positive or negative. I have decided that I am a positive person and want positive people around me. Does that mean they are going to what my offer? They probably won’t and that’s okay. This business model doesn’t hinge on whether they join me. I talk to so many people, that a single person will not make or break my business. There are millions of people who what to hear what I am offering and if it is an opportunity they can see themselves in.

Confident and disciplined are a few things that successful business people have. They let rejection roll of their back. The people you partner with are the people who have a vision of a positive outcome. It is your outlook that determines what you want out of the business relationship. I want to spend time with people who are willing to succeed.

Would you be willing to?

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated
  • Do just about anything to get to their goal
  • Trust worthy
  • Treat other with respect
  • Willing to compromise
  • Listen to what others say
  • Learn from them
  • Teach them something they need to succeed as a business partner
  • Take action and make decisions without emotion
  • Live up to your Commitments


The reason I ask these questions is because these are the characteristics that I look for in every relationship I have. These are the some of the things I worked on to become a good partner. Don’t be self deceptive, If you by-pass yourself when you learn these things and go right to teaching them to others, you are not working on your character and it will show in everything you do. Be ready to follow and learn the characteristic of people you admire. Lead as a teacher in your action and your words.

We want to think that we jumped into this business with a clear idea about what we have to do. We are not willing to become the person that we want to work with. As I develop in this business I want to learn as much as I can so I can bring an open positive person to each relationship I have in business.


A Place to Connect With People

Where do you go to meet people? Social media sites on the inter-net are a great place to connect with people. The possibilities are endless here. Taking time to meeting people and make friends is not something new, but the there are more ways to connect with people all over the world because of the inter-net. Facebook is one of the best. Set up an account and start meeting people, make friends and stay connected with them on your page. All your friends get an update at the same time. Just by posting, commenting, liking something or tagging a photo you can change the way people see you. As your friends keep up on their friends you are sharing information and that will make their friends want to know more about you. This is a gathering spot for you and your friends to keep up with each other when you want, introduce your friends to each other and add to your network of friends.

Social media sites are people giving and getting information several times a day. They view photos and get news instantly any time of the day or night. As you logo into these sites it becomes easy to meet people and make friends. There are people all over the world with the same interest as you looking for connections. Living social is not new, it has reinvented it’s self. The internet is the party, like the coffee shop around the corner and it is one way we communicate today.

Setting up an account is easy just remember that you are there to connect with like-minded people. There are a few things you need to do when setting up your account. Use your real name and email so that anyone can contact you. This is helpful especially if they want what you have to offer.

Details are Important

  • Why are you here?
  • What are the names of your favorite book? Why do you like that movie?
  • Link your networking sites like twitter and you tube to your Facebook account and don’t forget your own website.
  • Social media is essential for doing business today. Showing who you really are is the only way to connect with people.

Remember this is an active site. Just like stopping by your local coffee shop to say hello and catch up on all the news. Checking to see what your friends are saying and leave a comment so they can respond is what social media is all about. This is just one of the ways these sites work. Keep this in mind when you set up your account it is important to let people know who you are. People are willing to connect when you show them who you are and they will suggest other social groups and pages that will increase the amount of people you can connect to. Do not under-estimate the power you have on this or any other social media site. Be aware of the restrictions that are in place when doing business.

This is a social site and Facebook will not tolerate spamming.

  • They have a limit to the amount of contacts you can add in a day or a week.
  • Use this site to build relationships and build relationships on sites like twitter stronger.
  • Ask people from other social sites to join you as a friend on Facebook.
  • Use your email list and contact list to add friends.
  • Search names of people you know and invite them as friends.

Remember why you are here and that is to make new friends. Keep up with the ones you already have. Building relationships with like-minded people can lead to a business relationship. Not everyone you meet will want to hear about a business offer from you or anyone else.

As an active site remembers to post things that you are doing now, comment on what others are doing and tag those photos. These are the things that will keep you in the party and don’t worry everyone is there because they have an invitation. Lines of communication on a deeper level will open up as you get to know your friends and their friends and so on. This is place where your friend’s check their news feeds at least three times a day and they want to keep up with you. They do that by commenting on your post and tagging your photos. They want you to add your two cents worth and you are more than happy to respond.

Keep in mind that Facebook has restrictions in place to protect you and me from spam. We don’t want to look through spam to get to what we came there for. Do your advertising somewhere else. If someone wants what you have they will send you a message. Then you can respond with an offer. Send out messages inviting friends to events can open the door to business relationships.

If you want more friends join groups that hold your interest at heart or better yet start your own. If it has value to your friends, it will have value to their friends as well. The more people know about you and what your interests are the more they will leave comments. Attracting new friends is easy once you open up. If you don’t have a cause that you think people will get behind you in a group, set up a fan page. A fan page is where the people who like you and show interest in what you have to offer can let you know it. Posting thing that your friends like will prompt them to hit the like button and you will be a celebrity in no time. If you don’t know how to get started just go to one of the page that you like and model your page after them. Something drew you to their page and caused you to hit the like button. Everyone can see your fan page not just your friends. You can post valuable information and watch how many people show an interest in what you have to offer. You can put a call out for people to add you as their friend.

We use the Facebook site to keep up on what is important to us. As a friend bring yourself, show how you help others and add something to their day. Rules to follow are be kind, give love and support, be remarkable, be honest and have fun it’s a room full of your friends and they want to be there.

Why Twitter?

This is easy and important to get your message out on twitter is not like facebook or other sites. You have freedom that comes with an unlimited supply of followers and they don’t have any restrictions of who you follow. The site has brought instant messages to you and you can keep your followers in the loop of information that you are willing to share.

If you are friendly and want to share to everyone you have a platform for that. This is a micro blogging site that gives the world a window to what you are doing now. It is a great place to start a conversation. The average twit is 20 seconds or less. Before you know it you will want to shout out to the world what you are doing in your life and your business. You can become social in just a matter of minutes just by playing with it.

When you set up your account use your name, even if you have to add a number or underscore if your name has been taken. You will want to add your email accounts to your account at Twitter. Set up your profile make sure you leave your Twitter account open to all views and make sure you set up your notifications. After you have set up your page here are some tips that will help you find friends.

Twitter Tips:

  • Uses your real name
  • Use your real face on your profile photo
  • Start post by letting people know who you are. Example: Funny stuff, quotes you like, personal information, links to you, send out resources to others.
  • Send information you and links of resources of people
  • You can delete on Twitter and it removes it from every where it is posted.

Timing is everything, and if you want to start a conversation with someone you have to do it when they are on line. Ask questions and leave a reply to something that they are doing now.

After you are comfortable with Twitter, you really must have Twitter Deck it helps you keep your Twitter account organized. If you don’t have Twitter deck you can look through your time line to see if you want to reply. Check your messages and respond to the good ones that interest you. Use the stars to book mark your favorites. Find people to follow that are interested in the same things that you are or have something you want to know more about.

Take time to check out some of the people that are following people you are interested in chances are you will have a lot in common. Take time to follow people that are active and want to follow you. If you want to get your message out to others follow the people with the same interest. Joining in the conversation wait until you are comfortable, before you follow them and they will follow you back.

Take your time and do it right so that you are developing relationships that last. Having value is easy there are followers for everyone it is human nature. Twitter is a tool to connect you with your friends and the world. People will follow you if talk about things your into and your passion. People want to learn from you, you can send them to people that they can learn from. If you are entertaining, people get a kick out of you they will follow you. The more involved you are in them the more they will see value in you. Use retweets to give the gift of value to your followers. Remember to thank those who retweet your tweets. Then there are people that will follow you because they like you.

People will stop following you as easy as they will follow you if you are all ways negative, not supportive, you don’t follow them back. You don’t have value in your tweets. You have an in your face approach to tweeting. You are not active with your tweets.

Use Twitter as a tool to let people know that you are here and want to be a part of what’s happening now, and that you want to be friends. People are more than willing to give you a hand up from depression, boredom and connect you with others that have the value you may want.

Rules to follow be kind, give love and support, be remarkable, be informative to your followers, what go out will come back tenfold, be yourself, be honest and have fun it’s a party of people that want to be there. Micro blogging is what it is all about.

This is Seo

What is SEO and how can it help my business? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines naturally by using keywords that are woven into your text. It is traffic plus conversion equals successful marketing in cyberspace. The more traffic you can get the more leads you can generate.

Hopeful you are using word press where it is easy to install in the plug-ins section. You just need to click add new under the plug-ins section and type in All in one SEO pack and choose install. Now when you write a post you can fill out the fields in this section with the post title, description and keywords. When you publish your post you will direct the cyber spiders to find you and raise the ranking on the page niche that you are aiming for.

There are two sides to google the left is free traffic the right is paid advertising. Free traffic equals free leads. So when your looking at the search results take a close look at the sites that are at the upper left. As you can see the top is where you want to be.

This is a  big part of branding you and whatever your niche (your product) is .When you google a topic in your niche it will show you the top results. How do keywords work to get you to the top?  You can get there by the search engine spiders finding the keywords you place in and on your site. These words will be recognized by google then ranked for page placement. You are going for the top left ranking on the page(niche) that you want to be ranked on. This will lead to more traffic and with more traffic there will be more leads. This should places you in high standing in your niche. Which will lead to more sales.

Keyword and how you use them for ranking.

  •  Information (People that are looking to start a business are looking for the easiest way to get started and they may want to join you.)
  • The Researcher (The targeting of your customer is often people are just not happy and are looking for something new.)
  • The Shopper (People that are already your customer and are looking for similar solutions.)
  • The Buyer (Looking for you what you have.)

Keywords are great and can launch you to the highest position that google has for your niche. Knowing what your ranking is essential for marketing. Do not over use these words you will get slapped by google and they will shut you down.

You should have full control of your website. Start adding content to your website. This is where copy writing comes to play you need to keep things simple and the placement of keywords can raise your ranks without spamming. Remember that the magic is to make all things work together in a smooth format on your site.

Now you can target the niche with the keywords that buzz around your product. When your primary company is launching a new product is when you need to strike your campaign to increase the traffic. People are looking for the product or looking to start in the business of promoting this product and are is search for you to lead them to success.

Look for keywords that support your niche and you can easily sprinkle them through your content. As you are placing these word you can link them to content on your other pages or sites. The more you attract the spiders to and from your site and your content, the more google sees your site as most relevant in your targeted niche.

So lets say you are selling pond supplies what are the key words associated with this product. Pond are products,fish ponds supplies,buy pond supplies, pond pumps,pond filters,pond skimmers. As you can see all these words can be used in the website,on the website and in all related products and how to tutorials.

Now that you know how it works you can have fun coloring your website, post and pages with keywords.

Are Your Comments Welcome?

Do you have something substantial to say or are you spamming the blogs that welcome your comments? It takes time to build a site that people take the time to read. Why your comments are never posted on the site? Hmmmmmm
you may not have anything I think others want to read when they come to my site. Some of us take great pride on sharing our tips and tricks if you post spam you should get slammed. This is not the way to get traffic to your business and I would never do business with you. Your first impression is something you cannot do over. Be proud of your opinion have the courage to stand behind you comments. Dropping a link is one thing taking advantage is another. Don’t spam!

The world doesn’t need it and those that read the comments do want it.  Time is one thing we don’t get back and you rob everyone when you leave spam. Like commercials that break in on the best parts of the movie we don’t want it. So again Thanks, to those of you that take the time to read the post and comment seriously about what you read.
We want to be validated that what we do is making a difference.
If you have nothing to say, stay away from the comment tab.

Next time open a discussion on the topic or leave a complement. Mom all ways told me if you don’t have something good to say leave it alone. I read all my comments and find it interesting that people want to use my site as their advertisement instead of asking for help to set up their own site. Marketers that do credible work are all ways will to share their knowledge with you. It is not that hard to get started and as you learn you will find more than just advice you may find a friend.

I hope you comment on this post, I do it in good faith and would really like to know what you think. D

What Makes Your Business and Products Unique?

Today people are looking for something special in the products they want and the opportunities they seek. What makes yours special and different from others they find on the internet? Do you show the value of the products and how they changed your life? Here are somethings to think about when planning a business. No one needs a new restaurant yet there are new ones springing up all the time. Restaurants, at one end of the spectrum, will need well-trained employees with many customer and great advertisers on the other end, all working together to make a profit.

Restaurants with something unique to offer have a well-trained staff ready to bring a culinary delight to each customer. Without advertising, no one would find it or know how special it is and there would not be a profit. If every restaurant had the same menu what makes this one special is its site, the atmosphere, or the staff. The point is you are in charge of your business and unless you bring out the special qualities no will know that you are there. Every part of your business needs a team of people with someone in place to supervisor and take an active role in how they show their reputation to the public. Network Marketing is no different – it needs people to make it work. Each person in your business is unique. Your strength is to bring out these qualities and play up to the strengths of your partners and staff so that your business benefits and grows.

Internet Marketing has many levels of opportunities, if you are an extrovert you can bring your company to the masses through trade show and large events that allow you to set up booths. There are multiple places that you can show the great products and the unique opportunities that your business has to offer. The way you advertise is up to you; flyers, bumper stickers, drop cards or events all are useful. Not everyone is comfortable putting themselves out in front; they may not want to make the phone calls, or address groups of people and yet they may excel when it comes to writing ads, newsletters, emails and blogs.

The fact is to help your business grow you must help others qualify and understand that they can choose how they want to share the business opportunity with others. They should start in their comfort zone and challenge themselves to grow as their business grows. As they grow their business the people they select from will have their own unique qualities to bring. By sharing your knowledge you are showing others how to do what you do. With your guidance they will do business in their own style. Now you can go forward with a clear understanding on how you may want to advertise the products and any opportunities you may have.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life” (Chinese proverb)
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Where Does Your Strength Come From

Do you find strength in your family, your friends, your job or your faith? Celebrations in life are so much sweeter with our family and friend. A crisis is easier to get through when you are not alone. It is hard for you to give your trust and your support to people you don’t know.

Discipline and inner strength can help. I believe it is our nature to want to help and be supportive of others. Sharing support with others is part of developing strong relationships with the people around you. Helping other find their strength is another way to bring people closer in a relationship.

Strength is beautiful, when we are around something that is strong it makes us feel safe. A person that is confidant shows strength and in recruiting marketers we look for a connection that mirrors the way we feel about yourself. Leaders are willing to share how they became so confident.Great marketers show you the steps and support you until you are strong enough to lead on their own. In advertising we use the things that we associate with strength, trees used as logos represent companies that want to show strength and beauty. Strong animals logos all so show physical strength. Choosing the way you want to live and acting on making changes is a sign of strength. Creating and living a life style you want takes time and work.

Confidence grows when we turn our weakness into strength. Practice this is one way to feel more confident. As an artist starting out I felt inadequate to the other artist I came in contact with. It was when I made up my mind to follow my dream and practice what I learned for myself and from others my confidence grew. Areas that I felt weak in, I practiced, practiced, and practiced until I felt strong enough to show my skill with confidence. Now I show my art with pride, my work is strong and so am I. How I share this value to others that are looking for guidance in this field is how I show my strength. Now that I am Marketing on the internet I have found more confidence and know the value of sharing these teachings with others to do the same.

Teach yourself something until you feel like you have mastered it. On line marketing has brought me back to practicing the skills I have gained this past year. I am stronger, I have built the inner strength that my company and I need to succeed. I feel confidant that I can lead others to carry out their dreams.

Not everyone can teach, you live your life as an example. If you don’t want or have the time to teach the skill it takes to get a successful business you can still lead them to the teachers that helped you get started. If you decide to help others develop the skills they need to succeed you will be left with an overwhelming sense of pride and that my friend is inner strenght that no one can take away.

Green Is Respecting The World

Aware of our effects on the world is at the for front of every one’s minds today. The world is going green like it or not. It’s changing for the better and people are aware of how they want to live in it. Taking pride in the products and the companies you represent is your business. Having a business that is branded green says it matters what foot print you leave on the earth.

Green is respecting the world by what you put on it and inside it. It is the air we all breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat the things we put on and in our bodies. Finding ways to change things we did wrong and now those we know better not to do it again.

What are you doing in your business?

The businesses that are green wear the brand with pride. As a green representative you attract a customer base that are looking for the best value in products and services that their money will buy. These are the customers that have decided to make a stand on how they want to live and what environment they leave the generations to come. The traffic in this niche is endless. As more of your customers find the value in this the more they will want to share it with someone they know will benefit from what you are offering.

Take a look in the product you use and the foods you eat. What do you recommend to others? Can you say I live green? Living green is more than recycling and eating organic.

 Do you support companies that are doing what they can to be environmentally friendly?

Working with companies that are green is not only good for the environment but they are good for you to. The companies that are green have the highest standard in the way they do business and the people that represent them. You bring traffic to them and they supply you with the tools and products to keep everyone happy.

How do I design my business and support green?

Check the people you do business with. If you have worked with them for a length of time you will know. There are companies out there like I said, wear the green proudly. Getting the products and services are easy, but when it comes to business timing is everything. Research the companies that you want to do business with. New companies are qualifying people to represent them in the market place by the thousands and they are environmentally friendly based companies.

You may not like it but the word is going green with or without you. So why not brand your business around the companies that are proving that they are green and worth your time and energy. Looking for ways to improve your health, wealth and over all life is what most of us want. The beauty of marketing these products is you get the benefit of improving the business profile with a green brand and the people you are around are going to benefit on the change the world is embracing. Qualifying people for your company is one of the keys to getting the best out of these changes.

Finding products that you love whether it is electricity, recycled products, energy saving products or vitamins there are enough green product and companies out there that you can represent but do you qualify to represent them? Brand yourself and your business by practicing a green life style.